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  • ashtavakra, Thank you for that feedback. I am always looking for it. In regards to the moderators/people/forums being avoided, if you want to private message me about anything in specific or any suggestions I am all ears. I can tell you care about the community. We are not perfect here, but letting me know about what I can do to get us a little closer is helpful.
    ashtavakra, it's fine. I have had to deal with a few problems of my own on PB in recent years so I understand where you are coming from as I've been there myself. And yeah, I have gotten warned for really stupid stuff. Ironically, the walls of text where I make the most noise I don't get warnings for at all. I'm surprised I haven't been banned yet. I guess I'm lucky.

    I'm not sure if this is true for all the staff, but I know some of them in the past warn people based on what the rule actually says, rather than reading the intent behind it. If people are trying to genuinely help, I let it go regardless of how harsh it might sound to me. I didn't warn a single person while on staff, because I didn't want to be 'that guy'.

    I wish I knew how to make this place better and produce actual lasting change, but I still haven't found how.
    (also I steer clear of the Deck Garage forum because so many lists in there are so stupid and they make me cringe)
    ashtavakra, of course, sir!

    Here's the link to the actual main site itself:
    This just covers the basic stuff, like what the site's about, how things work, &c.

    If you want to get to the real meat of it, here's a link to their latest set of handbooks (they're up to version 1.32 now):

    Even as a ZIP, it's 41MB altogether, so there's a lot of stuff, and it'll take a while to read. Peruse at your leisure and enjoy!
    I saw your topic about creating a tabletop version of a Pokemon RPG and my interest was piqued.

    Coincidentally enough, I actually know of a tabletop Pokemon setting floating around the Internet (it can be played over the Internet but also in real life as well if you have the tools for it), and it's been going on for a fair while. I've played in that system myself and it's actually quite enjoyable.

    If you want, I can send you the link to the place; perhaps it may inspire you with a few new ideas that you might not have thought of before. (I'm saying this all ahead of time just so you're aware I'm not trying to advertise it - I'm saying it because I think it might help you some.)
    ashtavakra, lemme try and put it this way.

    The Compendium generally just posts the end result; it sometimes goes a little into detail about the 'why' of the matter, but not very often. As for myself? I try to answer the 'why' and explain it in detail, especially when there are many questions that aren't very clear. That Roserade thing was something that did cause a lot of hubbub because it wasn't that easy to derive a clear answer, but when it came out, I was able to see the 'why' more clearly, and boom, everything made sense.

    That's what I try and do with the Rulings FAQ (which I've written at least 90% of). I give the answer to the question, but I also try to explain why that's the answer. I don't try to make that sound like a justification of what I do, but I do say that, as a Professor, I tend to take my job very seriously.

    Does that help any?
    ashtavakra, how is it a double standard? I'm really not following you here. There is a difference between looking for a type of energy and looking for a number of energy.

    Roserade's Poke-Power looks for type, and its attack looks for number. I am not sure I see an issue here.

    Don't get me wrong - I can see your point, but I'm not sure where you're going.
    your roserade/ rainbow question. they are all wrong. if you read the card. it provides ALL types of energy, but can only provide 1 at a time. it says that on every card that has potential for multiple types. so you would have to choose.
    You're incorrect. The question's already been brought up, and answered, in the Compendium. The "only provides 1 Energy at a time" primarily refers to purposes of attack cost; e.g. an attack that costs {L}{M} cannot be paid with only a single Rainbow Energy.

    Roserade's Poke-Power is only looking for Energy type. Since Rainbow Energy does provide {G}, it will Confuse the Defending Pokemon. Since Rainbow Energy does provide {P}, it will Poison the Defending Pokemon.

    Here's the link:
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