I am a person that lives somewhere and goes to school and plays the drums.


HolyMackerel: She enjoys my coments on her art and is pretty cool. Always a friend to me.

Tybike: This guy is cool. He let me work for him and has always been nice to me.

Martini: This guy is awesome. He loves sprites and misses those days when i used to work for him. I respect that.

Blui129: He comments on my art and is nice about my recolors. He gives me ideas for colors, easily makes this list.

I cant get on the chat for some reason cause of a java eror o.0

PM me if you want to be friends with me.....
That's it so.........meh.
Jul 15, 1998 (Age: 26)
Pokemon, Pokemon, Swimming, Pokemon, Soccer, Pokemon, Lacrosse, Pokemon, Pokemon, Me and Pumpkin Pie
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[Used to be known has teegrun][My FC is 0302-0968-6352]


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