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Apr 13, 2000 (Age: 20)
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You win or you die., Female, 20, from United Kingdom


On to writing more of my new apocalyptic story HOPE! Mar 19, 2016

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    1. MrGatr
      U don't like shopping *gasp*
    2. One of the art forums if you want to post it. If you want to discuss it, the Entertainment forum maybe? Sorry if that's not much help. I'm just the writing mod and rarely dabble in anything else.
    3. The anime was better. It was about a guy named Ichigo, who had the ability to see spirits and suddenly found himself wrapped up in the world of spiritual samurai/warriors called Soul Reapers.
    4. Sounds a little like the Bleach manga, though I never got too into it.
    5. I can't afford a tablet or Photoshop software, so I've had to make due with Gimp instead for digital (which is more time consuming than anything else). I really don't mind Gimp because it produces slightly better quality art than MS Paint, but still looks kind of cheap. Also, clicking and dragging a mouse to paint images in the program gets monotonous after a while, which is why I don't do a lot of digital art. I've been meaning to teach myself better handdrawing techniques, but I've also gotten kind of lazy about drawing lately.

      My specialty is really writing, instead. I've found it a lot easier to master writing skills that I learned back when I was still in school than I did drawing techniques that I either learned in art classes I took back then or developed on my own.
    6. I do use my own artwork from time to time, but my skill are subpar at best... I'm better at handdrawing than digital art, but it's still kind of pathetic in comparison to other people's work. For instance...

      My "best" handdrawn picture (my Fakemon Zombroken):
      My "best" digitally-drawn pic (my Fakemon Temptail):

      I have a hard time shading pics, so I usually don't, which is why the quality is normally bad in comparison to other artists' work.
    7. No, I didn't. I just found it on DA. I like the artist's style, though.
    8. Whoa, I should've checked out your fakemon thread sooner. Your artwork is amazing!
    9. DNA
      Any luck accessing my profile yet?
    10. CMP
      [b]Arcticwhite[/b], yeah, of course -- not a problem at all! Anytime you want to make changes to your examples, rules...anything!...just shoot me a PM. =)
    11. CMP
      [b]Arcticwhite[/b], Check again. :) I posted it September 1st...more than a month ago. If you haven't gotten any requests, I'm sorry, but I approved your shop a while back!
    12. Prometheus
    13. TheOtterBoy
      You make great Fakemon. Your shading is perfect...I just wish I did better at shading. ^_^;
      I make Fakemon, too. Just not as much anymore. If you want I can show you one of my Fakemon. : D
    14. DNA
    15. DNA
      Duly noted. I probably wouldn't either :P
    16. DNA
      [quote]A till at Tesco?[/quote]
      hey I like Tesco >=O
    17. Arcanine954
      Exploding? You must have nothing to live for....:P
    18. Luckyfire
      [color=brown]You're... constantly bursting into flames?

      :o You must be some sort of immortal being...[/color]
    19. Jaquii
      OK, sounds good.
    20. Sheodon
      School stuff, music, and so on.
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    Apr 13, 2000 (Age: 20)
    United Kingdom
    Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, and many video games such as SOMA and The Last of Us.
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    I'm quite sarcastic, cynical, ambitious, and too obsessed with fictional worlds. I like to write, draw, and play video games. I've been on hiatus for a while, but I'm finally back again. My personality type is INTJ.


    HOPE- A horror/sci-fi story​
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