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  • Arcanine954, cream?
    ahhhhhhhhhh do waaaaaaaaaaaant

    Long time no see; how are you doing?
    You're welcome!
    ...North Carolina? That's quite a ways away. Family, I'm guessing.
    And which part of Canada? Canada is pretty big. British Columbia, perhaps?
    ...where on earth have you BEEN?
    ...also your birthday was 3 days ago and I completely forgot, didn't I
    When my friends come over, my sister shows off to be the centre of attenion and she thinks she's best friends with my friends.

    Also, she once slammed me into her bunk bed ladder for saying "Boo!!!!" to her. She also threw a rock at my head (That explains ALOT)
    Yep, she is. But she's bloomin' annoying!
    She doesn't get her way, she cries. You don't play with her, she cries.
    I guess there are some unique British-English words and some unique American-English words, like Lift and Elevator.
    About this girl who goes to high school and is 13 years old. She has been chosen to protect the Earth from aliens! She gains a power to stop and start time, and can change into a giant bird! She fights alongside a group of misfits called the P.A.S.T (Protection Against the Supernatural Team).
    I've been using computers ever since I was 2 (actually true!)
    and the only art I really do is on computers, specifically Adobe Photoshop. Plus, I have this media tablet that's a tablet (of course) that plugs into the computer and a pen designed for the tablet is a mouse, so it's like a mechanical pen and paper!
    I'm also working on a manga series that I'd like to show you.
    Do you have your own art thread or anything?
    I'd love to see what your art is like, and I'd love to comment/critique on it!
    At my school we all have to wear a uniform, and there's no coats allowed inside, nor hats, or scarfs. Politchies are in a different class to me, my class consists of idiots and friends. Guess who the idiots are? That's right. Boys. You can't even talk to them without getting called a 'Denger' or (quote) 'Eeer you deng *****'.
    Yet the boys never learn their lesson with detentions or being put in 'HIER', where you're put in this room alone for the whole day doing work, and you only go to HIER if you've been really bad. Boys will only mature in year 10, when they're 15/16 years old.
    3/4 of my entire 'Grade' (as you Americans call it) are what me and my friends call 'Politchies'.
    It's basically a mixture of the words 'Popular' and the 'B' word (yeah, that word for female dog) with a random 'L' for good measures.
    What makes politchies diferent is that they all hang out in one big group and they gossip, bully and wear too much mascara. They think they're higher than everyone else, an they wear skirts so short you could alsmost see their knickers. They're the type of girls that get all the boys at my school, and they all like Justin Beiber. They also bully me and my friends... (sorry for such a long message!)
    I see you're into pop songs!
    (read your profile)
    I'm more into rock, and bands like The Zutons, Guns 'n' Roses, and I have this album 'Best of Rock Band and Guitar Hero' that has all of the best songs like 'Wanted Dead or Alive' by Bon Jovi, or 'Smells like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana. I'm the only girl in my class that hates One Direction!
    That reminds me- my school got visited by a private grammar school, and they were all smart wearing ties and blazers coming out of private buses in pairs. And then there's me and my friends, wearing our school uniform (black trouers, white top with school logo). I wonder what they thought of us lower class people in our public school...
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