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    Mods/creator of Playtcg contact info

    They are actively attempting to fix the issues everyone is having. The best way to contact them, from my experience, has been through the PlayTCG facebook group.
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    Flygon Boundaries Crossed!

    Raticate requires too much energy to be useful, and so does Terrakion without any sort of acceleration. Flygon just need the right partner, and it sounds like the OP is on the right track. Start with some spread and then use Flygon to clean up.
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    Tier List For Cities

    14 games Philly Regionals. Turn one 100 damage in 8 of those games. Turn one 80 in 3. 11/14 games is quite a majority. I didn't count the rest of my season, but a majority of games I have gotten 3 Ho-oh and 3 energy in the discard turn 1. It's not only very possible, but very easy.
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    RogueChomp's 2012-2013 Season 525 CP

    RE: What A Regionals- RogueChomp's Report The change was never officially specified. But it is easily noted on round 2 if your TO posts standings. If there is a person with a Bye, they will be number one in the standings.
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    RogueChomp's 2012-2013 Season 525 CP

    RE: What A Regionals- RogueChomp's Report This was changed at the beginning of the 2010 season, and byes now provide 100% to all tiebreakers. This is not a special version of TOM, this is a change that was made and is given to all byes.
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    RogueChomp's 2012-2013 Season 525 CP

    RE: The Luckiest Senior in the World's Tournament Season thread This is incorrect. A bye is counted as playing someone with a perfect record, that played only other people with perfect records. It factors into resistance as an opponent who has never lost and his opponents have never lost. So...
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    Top 16 Philadelphia Regionals

    Ouch. That ruined his day. LoL He was a nice guy, and I liked the idea of his deck. I was amazed to find out he played no Max Potion. I'm also not sure he was playing enough tools, as after 1 tool scrapper he never got the lock back up. Thanks for the congrats!
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    Philly Fall Regs thread w/ Info

    I get that it's not a smart play every game. But when you know you're getting a terrakion EX swinging fast, it's never a bad idea to have targets to attach to. Especially when your opponent starts with a Terrakion of his own. Judging it as an awful misplay is a suspect claim for a simple reason...
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    Top 16 Philadelphia Regionals

    1-0 after 6-0ing a darkrai/hydreigon. Started Terrakion. Turn 3 darkrai knock out. He drops Shaymin, whiffs on the blend and catcher rebirth switch ko. He hits me for 90 and I retreat into a land crush FTW. 2-0 after a great game against a good eels pilot. Came down to 2 prizes to my 1...
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    Philly Fall Regs thread w/ Info

    He also won Nationals and has consistently played in Worlds since 2008. He's an incredible player. He came over before my Top 16 match with Ryan Sabelhaus(Who won) and said "If you don't beat this guy, I won't win this. So beat him and prove me wrong in Top 2." Also, It's GinO. Gina would...
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    Philly Fall Regs thread w/ Info

    8-1 for 7th seed going in to Top 32 in the morning.
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    Philly Fall Regs thread w/ Info

    A Florida Senior is dragging me up there for Regionals. I don't know anyone in the North East, so it'll be nice to meet some new people up there. :D Any locals recommend anywhere to stay(Or warnings about the host hotel) or good food nearby?
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    No Top Cut at Battle Roads?

    Wow. So when I play in a 7 round Battle Road in FL, and get donked one round, I might as well leave now. Great thinking TPCi.
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    Virizion VS Elgyem: who's the new smeargle?

    I'm going to go with neither. Emolga does it better than Elgyem because it has free retreat.
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    I'll be there with my crew, although I wish I could go to another area... Oh well, at least States is going to be awesome!