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    Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark Revealed in ‘Restored’ Footage!

    Zoroark looks exactly like lycanroc
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    Pokemon VSTAR Mechanic Revealed: Arceus VSTAR!

    Now we need hex even more
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    Some ‘Celebrations’ Products Delayed Until Unknown Date

    They did this last year with champions path which indicates this is intentional. Theres definitely an ulterior motive.
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    November’s English Set: ‘Fusion Strike!’

    they couldnt even do mega stone cards, they came up with the stupid spirit links which is the exact same thing
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    Leon / Nessa / Bea / Raihan Trainer Collections With Autographed Promos!

    i hate the fake pokemon language, just keep it japanese and stop pandering. god forbid kids are exposed to new cultures.
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    New Layout and Forums Launched, Hacking Updates, and Some Help Needed!

    omg lisa frank showed her face... lol
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    New 'Battle Stadium Box' Releasing for SWSH7!

    what the hell is a "Four 10-card sideboard pack"
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    First Teaser Info for S6 'Silver Lance' and 'Jet-Black Spirit!'

    i think the attack translations are wrong for ice rider vmax. first one is emperor ride, the second is dy-lance i think, like dymax (dynamax internationally)
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    Professor Willow from 'Pokemon GO' Coming to the TCG this Summer!

    Go could have been great if they took the concept more seriously instead of making it a gem/points style grind, and no consistancy of pokemon in real world locations, when you can wait for events to cycle and catch them all without even leaving your house. Plus they give away rares (like...