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    News Giratina 'Pokemon Card Gym' Promo!

    Is this going to be legal for European Internationals? I REALLY hope not because I wanted to play Greninja :(
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    Discussion If you had to pick your Big 3...

    I have to disagree with you on that one. I quite enjoy this format and how there is no definitive top deck or even top three. Everything has even matchups against everything else and you do need some skill to play in this format.
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    Discussion Hot Techs for After Rotation

    Here is a link to the post made on PokeBeach with a handful of new cards like the new Mewtwo that are being released in the new Evolutions Set:
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    Discussion Hot Techs for After Rotation

    Well the reason Mewtwo will be good is because of its typing and the fact that it has weakness on Mega Mewtwo. So Mewtwo is just a small tech to counter Mega Mewtwo.
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    Discussion Hot Techs for After Rotation

    The new Mewtwo looks like a strong counter against M Mewtwo. [C][C] Psychic: 20+ damage. Does 20 more damage for each Energy attached to your opponent’s Active Pokemon. This means that if the opposing M Mewtwo has 4 energy on it then your 1-Prize Mewtwo can OHKO it with a Fighting Fury Belt...
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    Blog To Infinity and Beyond: The Rise of Mega Mewtwo

    Nice Blog man! Thanks for the feedback on my thread and this article is perfect for advice on improving my deck. Hope to see some more of your articles soon!
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    Discussion M Mewtwo V M Gardevoir

    Thank you for the feedback guys! I will definitely find a way to incorporate1 or 2 Magearna EX and a couple of Metal/Rainbow energy into my deck! :)
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    Discussion M Mewtwo V M Gardevoir

    The soon to be BDIF: Mega Mewtwo has very few counters but a very effective one is Mega Gardevoir from Steam Siege. It can one shot a M Mewtwo for only 2 energy. M Gardevoir-EX* – Fairy / Psychic – HP210 Mega Evolution – Evolves from Gardevoir-EX When 1 of your Pokemon becomes a Mega Evolution...
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    2017 Format Rotation Announced!

    What is going to happen with VS Seeker? There is a secret rare in Roaring Skies but the original print is in Phantom Forces.
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    Standard Yveltal/Zoroak/Gallade

    Things that I know can be clunky for Maxie's are energy and useless cards at that point. Zoroark BREAK is good but I would only play one. Also you would only be able to make use of FFB on Seismitoad and both Yveltals as it is only to basics, so maybe up the count of muscle band? Lastly, a high...
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    Standard Mew toolbox for Nationals

    I think colorless Rayquaza EX from ROS can 2HKO shaymins for no energy so maybe a one-of is good?
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    Discussion Meta Decks That Can Beat Jolteon-EX/Glaceon-EX Lock

    I know for a fact that megaman jolteon destroys the mew lock as you have both attackers and have free retreat. Also if you can stream Hexs then it is an autowin.
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    Lugia pls (Speed Lugia)

    i lyk ur dek bro
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    Blog Spittin' Truth on the Rogue Regal Pokémon: Serperior

    This article was absolutely amazing! Good work man!
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    Standard Vespiquen & Friends

    Here is my Vespifriends Decklist at the moment. Pokemon: 3 Combee AOC 3 Vespiquen AOC 2 Remoraid BKT 2 Octillery BKT 2 Blitzle BKP 2 Zebstrika BKP 3 Unown AOC 3 Shaymin EX ROS 1 Jirachi XY67 1 Jolteon EX GEN 1 Seismitoad EX FFI 1 Gallade BKT 1 Bunnelby PRC Trainers: 3 Professor Sycamore 1...