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    All ‘Brilliant Stars’ Products Revealed, Plus Three New VMAX Pokemon Listed!

    Okay but really tho, how many eeveelutions promos do we need ._.
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    Unique ’25th Anniversary Premium Collection Boxes’ Releasing for the Chinese TCG!

    I'm getting kind of tired of all of these exclusives :/ Pokemon knows what its doing. I'm in Europe and we get frick all when it comes to merch. These products are cool tho. Would love to have the playmats.
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    Piplup Promo with Purchases at Pokemon Centers!

    Really hope this will come out in English :3
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    'Pokemon Postal Stamp Box' Releasing, Contains Unique Full Art Promos and TCG Stamps!

    These are so cool! <3 And Bidoof is on one of them :D Hopefully I can get my hands on these!
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    Uri Geller Gives Pokemon Permission to Make Kadabra Cards Again!

    This is so awesome! Not sure what the behind the scenes stuff is but FINALLY.
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    'Darkness Ablaze' Store Promo Distributions, Copperajah Dynamax Crystal Codes at Gamestop!

    I like the Corvanknight promo, but I wonder what the point is of Copperajah? I feel like I'm missing something if they are offering a non-holo, no-stamp as a 'promo'. Maybe it was a printing error and they wanted to get rid of it? x)
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    'Shiny Star V' Announced for November, Plus Blastoise and Venusaur VMAX!

    Very curious what pokemon will be in the set - pretty excited for the potential!
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    Second Pokemon TCG Illustration Grandprix Announced!

    That felt Pikachu is awesome!
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    Pokemon VMAX, Sword & Shield Cards, Meowth V MAX Special Collection Revealed!

    I spy with my little an...a mother truckin' Evolutions pack. For real though, the cards look REALLY good!
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    Hop Full Art Promo Revealed!

    Ah okay, thank you : )