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Jul 28, 2015
Dec 29, 2012
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Nov 11, 1998 (Age: 22)
Ohio, United States

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Go! Chandelure!, Male, 22, from Ohio, United States


PM me if you wanna meet me at Nats :)))) We should go to a Pokebeach lunch :D Jun 4, 2015

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Jul 28, 2015
    1. Kecleon-X
      Thank you! I'm glad you like it.
    2. King Xerneas
      King Xerneas
      The good things in life don't come cheap ;)
    3. Kecleon-X
      Oh, it's not a problem. It certainly could be construed as such, which is why I made a note of it, but just as long as you watch how things could be construed, then you'll be fine. :)
    4. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      Are you still here? If you are, check the Lobby on PS!.
    5. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      Argh, I missed you for half an hour...
      If you manage to find me tonight, it's cool. Otherwise, tomorrow around the time you posted on my profile should do.
    6. Luispipe8
      Thanks, Alex! :D
    7. daisukereds
      Thanks Alex, but I wanted to breed/pass the Cherish ball.
    8. Ice Espeon
      Ice Espeon
      [b]AlexanderTheAwesome[/b], Thanks :D
    9. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      Ok, I'm online. Name is the same as here.
    10. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      Perfect timing, just got here. I can be on PS in five minutes, Lobby.
    11. TwistedTurtwig
      It seems as though I'm not the only one who's been at a cross country meet all day. How did your race go? :D
    12. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      I don't think I'll be available much tomorrow, sometime Sunday perhaps?
    13. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      [b]AlexanderTheAwesome[/b], Yeah, Bowser's cool. He's not one of my mains, but I know how to play him, and I like playing as him. I do love a good Bowser suicide. I did that back in Brawl, too, when Bowser wasn't even good. XD I consider myself somewhat competitive at Smash. I know all the terms, at least, and so far you're making sense. Besides Ness, my mains are Diddy Kong, Villager, Greninja and Rosalina.
    14. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      Are those characters in your signature your favorites in Smash Bros 3DS? Ness is one of my favorites. He's got some really strong aerials, and good up and down smashes, as usual. I don't like how they nerfed his side smash, though. It's too slow now.
    15. EliteTrainer
      [b]AlexanderTheAwesome[/b], thanks for the download and the advice. I can imagine it would be useful to see how many evs you get before you press the button. And as for that bug, I know exactly what to fix for my first update. Stay Awesome Alexander.
    16. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      So about an hour from now will be 4:30 for you, yes? I'll be on then to see if you're on.
    17. Cinesra
      [b]AlexanderTheAwesome[/b], smogon is on a streak of banning everything that gets suspect tested, so it's understandable.
    18. Cinesra
    19. Reggie McGigas
      Reggie McGigas
      Hey, the reason why I posted that is because fourm games, IMO, shouldn't have politics and that stuff dragged into it. That comment somewhat offended me as an American. I know you are an American too but some people end up being more offended than others. Nod should have been more careful with his political statement on a fun and games subfourm.
    20. Luispipe8
      [s]That's what you get for having a girlfriend [/s]
      Haha, I feel ya, Chemical Engineering is no piece of cake. D'x I do have some extra time and can browse/moderate through my cell phone, so I might as well help around! :D
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    Nov 11, 1998 (Age: 22)
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    I used to have a lot of stuff here, but meh.

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