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Nov 11, 1998 (Age: 22)
Ohio, United States

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Go! Chandelure!, Male, 22, from Ohio, United States


PM me if you wanna meet me at Nats :)))) We should go to a Pokebeach lunch :D Jun 4, 2015

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Jul 28, 2015
    1. Luispipe8
    2. Celever
      [b]AlexanderTheAwesome[/b], Also I don't think the forum's down is it?
    3. Celever
      [b]AlexanderTheAwesome[/b], We're gonna do this easily at this stage. Let's just go for as long as possible imo
    4. Reggie McGigas
      Reggie McGigas
      Sorry, I went out to eat with the family and we went to the mall.
    5. Drohn
      It's not a Dutch name. I've never heard of anyone else with that name. :P
    6. Drohn
    7. Drohn
      Yea.. :P
    8. Drohn
      Olaf? o.O It's Drohn, haha.
    9. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      [b]AlexanderTheAwesome[/b], If Durant manages to ever Devour all your LTCs, VS Seekers, and Dowsing Machine, [i]and[/i] survives against something in this format (which I doubt it can), I'll eat my awesome Pikachu hat.
    10. Luispipe8
      Well, it's no piece of cake or walk in the park, I can give you that. But TBH, it doesn't take THAT much time. I mean, I keep an eye on my designated Forum even through my cell-phone, so I can keep a constant watch. But I need to plan a lot of time to put into meetings, projects, moderating... I mean, sometimes that isn't as time consuming as it sounds, but other times it is.
    11. Luispipe8
      Oh, it is a position. I was Staff for like 4-5 months before being a Mod (banners weren't enabled back then, though, that's why "I spent 9 hours as Staff before being Modded" xD). Drohn hired me and some others to work on a project that the site is working on, and I keep on performing those duties up to this day as a Moderator, along with usual Moderator stuff. So yeah, you DO do stuff, it's not just an honorary title. That's what Badges are for. :P
    12. Luispipe8
      Moderators have all(you guessed it) Mod powers(to remove, edit, etc) to make the Forums look clean and organized. Forum Staff(all Mods are part of the Staff, but I'm talking about the Purple guys. :P )generally are people that contribute to the Forums in some way. Take Fancy as an example: he's currently working with the Art Staff on the CYOA Story, but he's not a Mod. Hope I could answer your question. :D

      But if not, all of this is in the Forum Team page at the bottom of the Forum's Front Page. xD
    13. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [quote='AlexanderTheAwesome' pid='2679425' dateline='1415765031']We'll just post your questions here and hopefully we can help!

      Since you dared to accuse me of being scum because of a misuse of possessives and you also sport that title, you brought it upon yourself:P.

    14. TwistedTurtwig
      Yeah. You can buy TMs to use during the Night Phase. It's just to make sure that everyone doesn't start out super-OP.
    15. TwistedTurtwig
      By the way, I realized after the fact that you had TM moves on a bunch of your Pokemon that don't learn them naturally, only through TM. I'd fix that up before you get into trouble with Keeper for using them. :P
    16. TwistedTurtwig
      My laptop started an automatic update, so it may take slightly longer. I'll still be on soon though.
    17. TwistedTurtwig
      Yep! Give me about ten minutes to get my laptop set up, and I should be good to go.
    18. PsychedelicBreakfast
    19. GadgetJax
      Back when scans of Phantom Forces were being uploaded, WPM edited the card 'Jamming Net' so that it says 'When this card is removed from play for any reason, such as your opponent sneezed it off the table, put this card in it's owners discard pile'. See it here, y'all Bridesmaids...
    20. Ice Espeon
      Ice Espeon
      [b]AlexanderTheAwesome[/b], well you were wrong with your expectations then :p
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    I used to have a lot of stuff here, but meh.

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