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Aug 10, 2011
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Aug 4, 1999 (Age: 21)
USA, Massachusetts

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Miss the game, Male, 21, from USA, Massachusetts


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Nov 14, 2018
    1. The Yoshi
      The Yoshi

      Well, I meant if you played in the MA area.
    2. The Yoshi
      The Yoshi
      [quote=alexmf2]going to the tournament at comicazi tomorrow?[/quote]

      Wait, you're going to Comicazi? Do I know you?
    3. Afro-G
      [b]alexmf2[/b], Yeah totally, how about you? If you are, make sure to bring money. Pretty sure there's a $5 entry fee.
    4. Zangoose
      oi going to lexington tomoroqw?
    5. Afro-G
      [b]alexmf2[/b], Not the response I was expecting but I still kind of laughed when i saw it. =P
    6. Afro-G
      I see I've been added to your buddies list. :O *Afro-G adds alexmf2 to his buddies list* ^.^
    7. alex
      Aw damn, can I borrow a few cards from you tomorrow? I need 3 pokegear 3.0, 2 Tornadus, a Collector and 2 DCE.
    8. Zangoose
      yeah in cherry have the worst scheduling problems. lol
    9. Zangoose
      yes i will be there, are you going to brs on sunday?
    10. alex
    11. Zangoose
      Hi, there. Just wondering, but is this Alex from Hit n Run in lexington? If so this is nugget.
    12. Matryoshka
      [b]alexmf2[/b], Click on my profile, and then on Contact Info. Then you can PM me. Also, to edit your sig, go to user CP and edit your Signature.
    13. KatsuSado
      thanks for viewing my page
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    Aug 4, 1999 (Age: 21)
    USA, Massachusetts
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    Became a Contributor 5/10/12
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    [5:31:23 PM] Blah: I'm not as think as you drunk I am

    [6:40:57 PM] Gabriel: I wish people were like me

    [5:55:21 PM] Sean: more consistent than your spelling nayways

    [1/7/2013 11:14:32 PM] The PDC Show: i would like to announce i am running for president of america
    [1/7/2013 11:14:36 PM] The PDC Show: as a black man this time

    [9:34:53 PM] Alex H: cool kid talk?
    [9:34:59 PM] Alex H: ok I'll kick garrett

    [11:51:11 AM] Gabriel: I was much too out of it to make a big deal out of losing cards
    [11:51:32 AM] Gabriel: It sucks, but I just look at it as a set back
    [11:51:51 AM] Gabriel: Something like that's not gonna stop me from continuing my quest to be Pokemon master

    [10:06:45 PM] Tsoliades: the screen won't take my money
    [10:06:59 PM] Garrett: try jabbing the screen with it
    [10:07:27 PM] Tsoliades: already tried that
    [10:07:40 PM] Tsoliades: maybe I should tighten the flux capacitor
    [10:07:50 PM] Garrett: insert the money in the cd drive
    [10:08:01 PM] Tsoliades: k
    [10:08:09 PM] Tsoliades: yep that worked

    [7:55:50 PM] Blah: we need to find some meme about revolutionary war
    [7:56:07 PM] Kennan Mell: england was just trying to make the colonies pay for their own defense
    [7:56:14 PM] Kennan Mell: and the colonies were like aww hell no
    [7:56:25 PM] Kennan Mell: just cuz i have to put AP history to use in some way

    [1:17:39 PM] Gabriel: The foe's Altaria used Outrage!
    Caterpie lost 69% of its health!
    Caterpie used Tackle!
    The foe's Altaria lost 0% of its health!
    The foe's Altaria fainted!
    Afro-G won the battle!
    [1:17:45 PM] Gabriel: ^.^
    [7:53:49 PM] Ky el ee: ....shoulda gone for string shot


    2012/2013 Season
    2011/2012 Season
    The best deck I have ever made
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