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Feb 3, 2013
Jun 11, 2012
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Dec 26, 1997 (Age: 22)
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Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

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formerly princemeat skarmheart, Male, 22, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

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Feb 3, 2013
    1. DNA
    2. HypnoticChairman
      Once upon ur time, there was a girl named sophie

      she died

      and thus you lost the game
    3. jew
      [b]Meatheart[/b], thanks, you're doing a great job yourself. don't stop what you're doing, guy!
    4. PG24
      because someone couldn't recognize me by that name D:
    5. Ice Arceus
      Ice Arceus
      [b]Meatheart[/b], thanks.
    6. Random Numbers
    7. herro preesh how a yu?
    8. no probrem tank yu preesh
    9. That I do, my friend.
      Many thanks.
    10. Vulpix Yolk
    11. Vulpix Yolk
      Vulpix Yolk
      [b]Meatheart[/b], lol ninja'd
    12. Vulpix Yolk
      Vulpix Yolk
      [b]Meatheart[/b], Scootaloo EX Acai Berry... Just no. First off, Zecora shuts down your own berries with her Ability if they're using sun. There is no way that Scootaloo works without Zecora either. I'd much rather conserve the deck space and lose the HP boost from not play berries. Scootaloo gets one shotted by every Elements of Harmony variant in the format, you need Zecora for the lock against EoH variants and the type coverage again Pound CaKE.

      Acai Berries are also completely unsearchable. There is no way you'll have room to play a playset in your list and maintain consistency. It's very unlikely that you will draw into one [i]and[/i] hit heads for the 40 HP boost.

      Also, even with a heavy Zecora line, the deck is inconsistent and probably won't make it to the top tiers. If EoH variants outspeed, you are screwed, and if anyone gets a Lyra lock down, you have no chance with x2 weakness. Lyra paralyzes and two shots Scootaloo in rain, and one shots your Zecora on poison from a double heads (47% chance with Victini.) Yeah, my advice, stay away from Scootaloo EX.
    13. Vulpix Yolk
      Vulpix Yolk
      [b]Meatheart[/b], ok, let me tell you why that just isn't even true.
    14. Vulpix Yolk
      Vulpix Yolk

      Man, I started reading this fanfic I saw on EQD (ironically, cause bad art of ponies hugging in front of the moon), but I'm actually surprised at how much I like it. I'm like 20 some pages in, and I'm really ashamed! I guess it's technically considered FlyChamp (AJ x Rainbow Dash), but it's surprising well written. All of the characters are very accurate, it has a pretty "sassy" plot. Also, it's pretty Scootaloo heavy. Don't be mad at me, just read like a couple pages, you'll be hooked. [url=]Chapter 1...[/url]
    15. Alan
      I don't have a PlayTCG account. Or code cards. I might have a few unless I threw them away. I actually had a deck then, but it wasn't any good since I didn't know about ordering on the internet. My decks had like 4-3-1 lines lol.
      I'm too cheap to play now and theres no leagues around me.
    16. DNA
      It's on PlayTCG and I didn't like that format as much as MD. Two reasons why I must say no.
    17. Random Numbers
      Random Numbers
      What is that #?
    18. Random Numbers
      Random Numbers
      Don't know that format.
      Started playing when EP came out.
    19. Random Numbers
      Random Numbers
      I changed my name today!!
    20. bacon
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    Dec 26, 1997 (Age: 22)
    Home Page:
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
    Animal Collective and Gorillaz are my favorite bands. I like balling hoops all of the time, glow in the dark things, I skateboard sometimes?
    Mac and Devin Go To High School is a beautiful piece of cinema I recommend to everyone.
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    2-5 Rocky Mountain Regs 2012 (doesn't matter cause I spent twenty dollars on zingers)
    - Random encountered a shiny Electrode in a fake copy of Emerald and caught it in a Pokeball
    - Spent three hours trying to kill the same fish in Bioshock with a wrench
    - I'm terrible at TF2
    Pokemon Involvement:
    My name is Pill okay guys

    Alright, it's high time I make a biography.
    I can't do things right. I'm sub-par at art but I'm mostly bad at it. I came here for the TCG, 'cause that's what I do.
    People could probably call me a brony, which is bad and I should feel bad. I listen to gangster rap and am fairly certain Tupac is alive. I don't like most of my peers and have really bad sodium intake issues. Those might be related? I love my glow in the dark rarity figure more than most things, it's terrible. I've had the same light purple wristband with a basketball on it that I've been wearing for a year. There're the highlights.
    I got some friends on here, here's a list:
    Vulpix Yolk
    LORDY JONES (no I will not call you juunkmilk)

    Cooltrainer Alan

    Here's a breakdown of my good irl friends that I have on this site:
    Vulpix Yolk:
    He was really really good at the TCG for a point, and I'd still say he's good at it. He's one of the pioneers of Donphan Dragons and led our group to victory with his crazy Electrode Box. I borrow his cards a lot. He's responsible for me being a "brony" so that's kind of terrible. Most of everything he says has to do with color schemes.

    TheLostZone: Jake from Ohio, a beautiful god. One of the funniest people I've ever met. Half the time he's either eating hot fries or making noise with plastic flutes. I'd say he's probably the best TCG player I know in real life. He's been playing since I told him about it a year ago, and since then he's spent more than 1k on cards. I think he's the largest percentage of Dark Explorers pack purchases in our state. His collection makes me nervous.

    Noah. lol
    He's hilarious, I can't say much else. To even out how funny he is, he's a jobless drop-out artist. His art is really good though. I would definitely recommend you check it out.

    I'm almost sure everyone on this website hates him. He's Jose "The Kid" Byrne, famous Emma Stone gawker and legally blind asian in a snapback, how could you not hate him. He's probably the only socially acceptable friend I have. We all admire his dumb little necklace and b-ball skills.

    Here's some music:
    Animal Collective, Neutral Milk Hotel, The White Stripes, Gorillaz, Beck, Kimya Dawson, Flying Lotus, Tobacco, The XX, The Ramones, Cocorosie, Fever Ray, Wax And EOM, The Notorious B.I.G, 2Pac, Tune-Yards, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Das Racist, Die Antwoord, Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Wavves, Modest Mouse, Tyler The Creator, Lil B The Basedgod, Eric Dolphy, Skrillex, Crystal Castles, The Growlers, Beirut, Art Brut, Aesop Rock, MC Frontalot, Dan Deacon, YACHT, The Pixies, X, Nicki Minaj, Intuition, Phantogram

    CHAT LOGS (because I got chat to work)
    <paclives>: hey dna
    <paclives>: dn
    <paclives>: a
    <paclives>: DONNA
    <DNA>: hey tell me which one you are
    <paclives>: can I have admin
    <paclives>: Im pilot
    <Pride>: no
    <DNA>: that tells me nothing
    <paclives>: that is me
    <paclives>: I am
    <DNA>: 6-d? meatheart? juunkmilk?
    <paclives>: alAiv
    <DNA>: it's ONE of you
    <paclives>: Vulpix Jolk
    <paclives>: XD
    <DNA>: and you're all the same to me so I guess it doesn't matter


    Terrakion is a real Hawaiian
    bloggin' ☭ reppin'
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