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  • Sure, sounds good! I'll set it aside for you for when I get the rest of my Japanese cards sorted out. :)
    Nice EBB pulls! Shame they didn't mix our boxes up in transit. :p I'm still waiting on mine, though.
    Not at the moment, no. I don't have the discretionary income to spread my collecting too thin, so for now I'm focusing on Japanese and Dutch cards only.
    Definitely interested! Fossil is the set I have the least of. I'll send you my lists as soon as I'm done compiling them and we can go from there. :3
    Sorry I've been so incommunicado regarding our hopeful trades. Just been a crazy past few months. I did get a SC Emolga FA if you still want one, and would be willing to part with it for the SC Reshiram FA (the only SC FA I'm missing >_<) or possibly some XBB cards once we get ours in (my boxes are on order too) or others. I still have the RH list you e-mailed me and I hope to go through my cards sometime soon in the next couple weeks to compile some lists and get back to you. Just thought I'd let you know that you certainly haven't been forgotten. :D
    My Shiny Collection boxes are supposed to arrive by the end of this week, so I'll let you know if I get one for trade.

    I also just got my moving boxes yesterday, which means I have all my cards again! Once I'm done with the unpacking, I'll put together that list of RHs for you.
    Jij spaart ook alles wat er ooit is uitgebracht? Alleen engelstalig of ook japans? Ik heb wel wat mint reversen, heb je een lijst met wat je nog zoekt?
    Hee bekende;) We hebben nooit geruild of wel?? Volgens mij ben jij een stuk verder met je verzameling
    I'm actually having the cards shipped to my parents house in the States, since I had to pay €24 in customs fees last time I had an AmiAmi order shipped here, and I've never had to pay customs getting shipments from them in the States. My parents will ship the boxes to me here with their next care package of stuff for me. Good luck on your Boundaries Crossed pulls! I always seem to have terrible luck with pull rate for English boxes; I think that's part of why I like Japanese cards so much.
    Saw your post in the shiny collection thread. If I get an extra Emolga I'll be happy to trade with you when I get my boxes. :3 Sorry for not getting back to you about the RHs yet, by the way. I'm *still* waiting for my boxes to clear customs and get here. I do have my Boundary Crossed booster box if you're interested in any of those RHs, though. Let me know, I'll make a list of them, since I have them here.
    G's, R's, and UU's are all rather difficult for me. I can do them on their own (except for UU's, which are just impossible), and decently so at the beginning or the end of a word, but if it's in the middle, I get tripped up. I think, with the R's at least, it's because I learned to roll my R's in Spanish, which is a top of the mouth type of rolling, but the Dutch that I've heard all rolls their R's in their throat... and I can't even figure out how to do that. XD

    It'll take a lot of practice, but I'm determined to do well. I know that a lot of Dutch people speak passable English, but I don't want to rely on that; it seems rude and inconsiderate.

    I'll definitely make sure to hook up with you after I move. Current plans are for mid-October, but I'll be settling in for some time, too. And hopefully I'll be able to get those pictures over to you shortly after I get there, as well. :3
    Since discussion of my travels with Dutch doesn't really belong in the Collecting thread, I thought I'd just tell you here! :p

    Overall, I don't think the Dutch language is very difficult. It's kind of a love-child between German and English, so some things are surprisingly similar to what I'm use to. I always have something of a natural knack for languages, or at least linguistics.

    The biggest problem that I'm having is pronunciation. There are some sounds where I'm having a problem physically making my mouth/throat move in the right way. XD I'll probably always sound like a foreigner, but I don't let it discourage me too much. I'm also planning on joining a language immersion school after I learn to help me. Second biggest problem is retention, since I have next to no opportunity to use my Dutch in the States, so I forget a lot. That will help once I move, though.

    I'll make sure to hook up with you at some point after my move. :3 We can have fun trading, even if it's by mail (at least mail would be significantly cheaper not shipping overseas!).
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