Like all websites, PokeBeach has common-sense rules that all members must abide by. They  are listed below. Per COPPA regulations, children under 13 are prohibited from registering here. As such, our rules cater toward members aged 13 and older. Additionally, please abide by any specific rules listed at the top of a forum page as well as the following forum-wide rules.

1. Treat others with respect. Feel free to disagree with another member, to deconstruct, or even tear apart their arguments. However do not bash another member or group of people. Everyone here is human (unless you’re a talking Meowth) and deserves to be treated like one.

2. Make meaningful, relevant, and detailed posts. Elaborate! Elaborate more! This is not a chat room, nor is it Twitter. You are not texting a friend. A forum is a medium where you record your thoughts in detail and provide meaningful reasons for your opinion. Sentence-long replies, posts saying “Your deck is good,” “These new cards are terrible,” “This episode was awesome,” “I agree,” “Thank you,” “+1,” etc. have no intellectual value and rarely spark fruitful discussion (if any discussion at all). Such SPAM posts will be deleted on sight and warnings will be issued. Use the “Like” button, profile comments, or PMs in their place.

3. Use proper spelling and grammar. “Tipig l1k di$!” does not portray your thoughts in the best light and makes the forums look trashy. These posts will be deleted on sight and warnings will be issued. Warnings will also be given out to members who consistently fail to use correct capitalization, apostrophes, etc. Take pride in your writing!

4. Use specific thread titles. Make sure a thread’s title gives a clear and specific idea of its content. Never name a thread “Best deck ever” or “Can you help me?” Give them specific titles so people know what to expect when they open your thread, such as “How many versions of Base Set Charizard are there?”

5. Do not mini-mod. It is not a member’s responsibility to scold other members for breaking the rules. However, we greatly appreciate members using the “Report” button to report perceived rule violations to moderators.

6. The following types of discussions are prohibited:

  • Pokemon hacking (in the vein of how to actually do it or promoting the practice)
  • Uncouth discussion about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and illegal activities
  • Sexual or pornographic content
  • Broad “catch all” topics that would discourage prolific, meaningful threads from being created (such as a “Celebrity Death Thread” for all celebrity deaths)

7. Do not advertise. What is considered “advertising” depends on a variety of factors and is at the discretion of the staff. In most cases it is acceptable to link to other sites when they have relevant content that PokeBeach would not have. But in general, you should not undermine PokeBeach’s efforts by directing members to other Pokemon sites with similar content, advertise websites you work for, or lead our members to register at other sites. You may, however, link to your personal websites on your profile page or in your signature if done so in an unsolicited manner.

8. For security purposes, you may only use one account. Never register another account or use another member’s account. If you have trouble logging into your existing account, e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] for assistance. You, and you alone, are responsible for your account and anything that happens on it. If you have family members who want to register here, you must notify Shining Raikou or Drohn before they register or both accounts could get banned for sharing the same IP address.

9. Do not do the following things without authorized permission:

  • Copy anyone’s artwork, stories, writing, etc. This includes work from other websites. This is considered plagiarizing.
  • Copy another member’s avatar and use it as your own.
  • Impersonate users or pretend to be in usergroups you are not a part of. This means using staff avatars, userbars, or appearing as someone you are not.
  • Use the PokeBeach name, logo, or other materials without permission from an Admin or Webmaster.

10. If you wish to protest a rule violation, do so in private. Use the PM system to contact the mod who issued you a warning for the violation and try to work it out with him or her (do not IM them, e-mail them, post about it in public, or contact them through any other method).All violations and protests are kept private and the same is expected of you. If you still feel you have been warned unfairly or that a moderator is not using good judgment, please PM another super moderator or forum admin to report your concerns. Do not do this lightly, however, as blindly protesting valid moderation could lead to further warnings.

If you have questions about the rules, please do not hesitate to ask here or PM a staff member. We are here to answer your questions and do not generally bite unless you’re made of chocolate… in which case, what the heck are you and how are you browsing the Internet? o_O