Chat Room

    Pokebeach Community Chat Room Rules and User Guide

    The PokeBeach Community Chat Room provides Forum Members the ability to communicate with peers in a more direct, informal manner. The chat fosters ample opportunity to make new friends, and develop lasting relationships with others.

    Chat Room Rules

    • The chat room inherits all applicable rules from PokeBeach Forums.
    • Members must be logged into the forums to gain access to the Chat Room. Don’t have a forum account yet? Sign up here!
    • Spamming is prohibited. In addition to what is considered spamming on the forum (unintelligent discussion, poor spelling/grammar, being annoying, etc.), spamming in a chat room additionally includes:
    • Excessive repeated messages.
    • Typing with caps on frequently.
    • Do not abuse chat scripts, such as by having illegible colors and messages.
    • You may only have one active connection to the chat at a time. The use of bots or any other exceptions must be approved by Juliacoolo or Peer prior to connection.Members must be logged into the forums to gain access to the Chat Room. Don’t have a forum account yet? Sign up here!
    • Members must obey the staff members at all times. Any decision made by the staff, especially the department heads, is to be treated as final. Continued arguing with the staff will lead to disciplinary action. If you disagree with any action taken against you by any staff member, please PM chat logs to Juliacoolo on the forums.

    Rule Violations

    • Violating chat policy will result in some form of consequence. This can range from a kick for minor offenses, to a ban for more major offenses.
    • Breaking forum policy will result in a penalty comparable to the penalty one would receive on the forum.
    • Spamming will result in a kick or verbal warning, depending on the severity. Repeat offender will be temporarily banned.
    • The use of unauthorized connections will result in a verbal warning. Repeat offenders will receive a temporary ban.
    • Arguing and or disobeying staff members will result in a kick. Additional violations will result in a ban.

    Staff (and IRC) Structure

    • Department Heads ‘~’ (aka Operators)- Selected by WPM. They hold absolute power on the chat server, manage the access list (account permissions), elevate members, set policy, hand out warnings and bans, deal with disputes, approve and create new channels, set the welcome messages, and manage the chat staff.
    • Juliacoolo
    • Peer
    • Water Pokémon Master (note: do not contact for chat issues)
    • Administrators ‘&’  Second-in-command for all chat affairs. They aid in governing the chat in the absence of a Department Head. Administrators have the same powers as owners, but cannot edit access list permissions.
    • Drohn
    • Ice Arceus
    • Shining Raikou
    • Unsheathed
    • Operators ‘@’  Monitor the chat and take action when necessary. Operators can only kick, ban, set channel modes, and set temporary Half-Operator status.
    • TPO3
    • Bacon
    • Half-Operators ‘%’  Have the same abilities and responsibilities as Operators, but lack the ability to modify channel modes. Half-Ops are usually given to non-forum staff members who show promise on the chat, and are being tested to become an operator.
    • Voice Holders ‘+’ – No power on the chat. Voice is given to all PB Forum Staff so that they can easily be identified. Voice Holders can also talk when the chat is under mode +m. The staff list is checked at least once a week by the Department Heads for any staff to be added or removed from the chat staff.

    Selecting Members of the Chat Staff

    Staff members are selected whenever there is a need for more moderation. Staff members that are selected display the following qualities.

    • Obey the chat rules, command structure, and do not view themselves as above the law.
    • Have a positive attitude; do not have power-hungry, arrogant, or abusive personalities.
    • Frequently help those in need of assistance.
    • Are highly active members of the community who appear in the chat every day and contribute to healthy discussions.
    • Are well-versed in IRC syntax.

    Server Rules

    • Any connection from an IP not associated with a forum account will be terminated immediately, unless said IP is “exempted” by an administrator, i.e, a BNC or Bot.
    • Only one connection is allowed per IP.
    • No channels may be created by users (see section below).
    • No proxies are allowed on PokeBeach’s IRC server.
    • BNCs (Bouncers) may only by approval by an IRC Department Head.
    • Flooding the server is strictly forbidden.

    Creating Channels

    • The PokeBeach Chat Server has multiple rooms which are known as channels. Channels are denoted with a hashtag (#) before the name of the room.
    • Users may only create a new channel on the PokeBeach chat server with the permission of Juliacoolo. To inquire about the creation of a new channel, please fill out the following application and PM it to Juliacoolo with the subject line “PokeBeach Chat Channel Application.”
    • Channel Name:
    • Channel Owner (Forum Username):
    • Duration of existence (Or Permanent):
    • Briefly describe the purpose of the channel and the type of discussion that will occur within it:
    • Please list any other forum members who will be operators on the channel:
    • Please provide any additional details regarding why this channel is necessary and beneficial to your cause:

    User FAQ

    Q: Where is the PokeBeach Chat and how can I connect?

    A: The PokeBeach chat is located on PokeBeach’s IRC server at Our main chat occurs on #pokebeach. You can access this directly by clicking *here*

    Q: How do I change my name?

    A: Type /nickname. Do not do this excessively.

    Q: How do I change my nickname’s password?

    A: /ns set password [newpassword].  You can also contact a server staff member. These members will have a symbol next to their name.

    Q: It tells me I need to identify myself.  How do I do that?

    A: If you are the owner of the nickname, type /ns identify password.  If you are not the owner of the nickname, you will need to change your nickname to something else.

    Q: Who is in charge of the chat?

    A: Staff members have a ‘+’, ‘%’, ‘@’, ‘&’ or ‘~’ before their nickname (symbols can vary by client).

    Q: How do I talk to just a single person and not the whole chat?

    A: Double click a person’s name to open a private chat with them. You can also right click the person’s name and select query.  If they are not in that channel, you can type /query nick to open a window with them. If you type a message and it says no such nick or channel, they are not online.

    Q: What does kick and kickban mean?

    A: When a person is kicked it just means they were forced out of the channel. They are able to rejoin the channel by typing /join #pokebeach. Usually a reason is specified in the kick message. A: Kickban is when you are kicked and immediately banned from the channel. If you are kick banned, usually the operator will let you know how long your ban is. If not, PM them on the chat or forum to find out.

    Q: Can I have my own channel?

    A: Channels are only given to those who need them for certain circumstances. To inquire about creating a channel, PM Jay the application in the section above.

    Q: I have a question that isn’t covered anywhere in this guide.

    A: Please message or PM one of the chat staff members with your question. We’re glad to help. :)