PokéBeach’s chat server allows PokéBeach’s visitors to communicate with each other in a more direct and informal manner. Our chat rooms fosters ample opportunity to make new friends and develop lasting relationships, just like on the forums.

Our main chat can be accessed through IRC at irc.pokebeach.com (#pokebeach) or through the applet below.

Something funny happen in the chat? Post the logs in our Quotes from a Nuthouse forum thread!

#PokeBeach Chat Room

Chat Server Rules

  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t advertise other Pokémon websites or channels.
  • Don’t abuse chat scripts, such as by having illegible colors and messages.
  • You may only have one active connection to the chat server at a time. The use of bots or any other exceptions must be approved by Peer prior to connection.
  • Violating chat policy can result in a verbal warning or kick for minor offenses to a ban for major offenses. Serious violations can result in a ban from the forums and/or website.

PokéBeach’s Chat Rooms

  • #PokeBeach – The main discussion chat for anything and everything!
  • #Werewolf – Play a chat-based version of Werewolf! PokéBeach advertises a #Werewolf night twice a month on the front page, but you and your friends can still play your own game here. You can also play the original Werewolf game on the forums.

Chat Room FAQ

Where is PokéBeach’s chat and how can I connect to it?

PokéBeach chat is located on PokéBeach’s IRC server at irc.pokebeach.com. Our main chat room is #PokeBeach. You can access the chat room through the applet above or through an IRC client. You may also use your browser’s built-in client, if available, by clicking this link.

How do I change my nickname?

Type /nick [yournickname]. Do not change your nickname excessively.

How do I register my nickname?

/msg nickserv register [yourpassword] [youremail]

How do I change my nickname’s password?

/ns set password [newpassword]. You can also contact a staff member.

It tells me I need to identify myself. How do I do that?

If you are the owner of the nickname, type /ns identify password. If you are not the owner of the nickname, you will need to change your nickname to something else.

How do I talk to just a single person and not the whole chat?

Double click a person’s name to open a private chat with them. You can also right click the person’s name and select “Message.” If they are not in that channel, you can type /query nick to open a window with them. If you type a message and it says no such nick or channel, they are not online.

Who is in charge of the chat?

Staff members have a ‘+’, ‘%’, ‘@’, ‘&’ or ‘~’ before their nickname. Each staff member is on PokéBeach’s forums as well, so you can contact them there if you wish.

How do I become a chat moderator?

From time to time the staff may determine it necessary to add new moderators to the chat. New moderators are selected based on their level of activity, their kindness, and their work ethic. We usually only select people we know well.

What does kick and kickban mean?

When a person is kicked it means they were forced out of the channel by a staff member. Usually a reason is specified in the kick message. They are able to rejoin the channel by typing /join #Pokébeach.

A kickban is when you are kicked and immediately banned from the channel. If you are kickbanned, the operator will let you know why you were banned and for how long. If not, PM them on the chat or on the forums to find out.

Can I have my own channel?

We do not allow users to create their own channels. The goal of PokéBeach’s server is to keep everyone together in the main chat room.

I have a question that isn’t covered anywhere in this guide.

Please message or PM one of the chat’s staff members with your question. We’re glad to help you! :)

When is utilizing adult language permitted?

From midnight to 6 AM ET, the Chat Room becomes Night Beach. During that time, users may utilize a limited amount of foul language and vulgarity. The amount of foul language and vulgarity permitted is at the discretion of the moderators. Let us just say that if people may feel upset by what you are about to type, then maybe do not type it. Otherwise, outside of Night Beach, the occasional slip of the tongue is acceptable, but abuse may result in punishment.