Welcome to the PokéBeach.com battling chat room! Use this chat room to find TCG and video game players to battle. For instructions on how to use this chat, please look below the chat window.

PokéBeach Chat Room!

Important Information

  • First off, if you do not see the chat window above, you probably do not have Java installed. To install Java, click here.
  • As soon as you load this page, you may see a “Warning – Security” message window. Click the “Always trust content from this publisher” check box and then click the “Run” button. Otherwise, you will receive a “Unable to connect: java.security.AccessControlException: access denied” message when trying to connect to the chat room.
  • If you need help with anything, you can private message a moderator, which is someone that has an @ or % in front of their name and is towards the top of the user name list. To private message them, double click their name.

Registering a User Name

  • To change your nickname from “PBGuest,” the default name each person receives when entering the chat room, type: /nick YOURNAME
    • For example, if you want your name to be Bob, you would type: /nick Bob
    • You cannot include any spaces in your name – instead, you can use underscores (Pokemon_Fan) or just combine your name without spaces (PokemonFan).
  • To register your new nickname, type: /nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL, replacing “password” with your desired password and “email” with your e-mail address.
    • If your e-mail address is [email protected] and you want your password to be password789, you would type: /nickserv register password789 [email protected]
    • Note that after you change your nickname to the one you want (as explained in step 1), you must wait 30 seconds before you can register that name.
  • When you enter the chat room in the future, you will need to log in under the user name you registered.
    • To identify yourself, first change your nickname to the one you registered with.
    • Then, type: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password, replacing “password” with the password you registered your account with.
    • For example, if your registered user name is Pokemon_Fan and your password is password123, you would type: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password123.


  1. No cussing.
  2. No sexual comments.
  3. No advertising of other Pokemon websites.
  4. No spamming.
  5. Overall, treat others with respect and “be nice.”
  6. The chat is “rated” PG, so keep it that way.
  7. Use your head and act like a decent human being.


  • To download mIRC, which is a program that allows you to access this chat room and other chat rooms, click here.