Creatures Disqualifies Six Entries from 2024’s PTCG Illustrator Contest, Adds Six New Artists!

Following last week’s announcement, Creatures has now deleted six entries from 2024’s Pokemon TCG Illustrator Contest:

The entries were under suspicion for using AI. They were also submitted by artists with the initials “V.K.,” indicating the same person broke contest rules by submitting multiple entries.

It’s unclear if Creatures removed the entries for one or both reasons. Thus, it’s unclear if they are specifically taking a stand against AI.

Creatures stated in an update on their website:

Entrants in violation of the official contest rules have been disqualified and additional artists have been selected to be among the top 300 finalists. We will continue to refine contest operations and review processes for evaluating entries and selecting the winning artwork.

The offending entries have been replaced with six new artists:

Ultimately three winning artists will be announced in September. There will be one standard illustration winner, one Pokemon ex winner, and one grand prize winner (of either style). All three will be turned into real promo cards.