“Terastal Festival” Set Will Feature the Eeveelutions, Releases in December!

We can now confirm Terastal Festival is the name of Japan’s annual “High Class Pack” set! It will release on Friday, December 6th.

The set will feature Eevee and its evolutions as Pokemon ex. Presumably they will be Tera Pokemon.

Releasing alongside the set will be products featuring Eevee and its evolutions. This includes:

  • Card Sleeves Eevee
  • Collection File Eevee
  • Rubber Playmat Eevee
  • Long Card Box Eevee Collection
  • Damage Counter Case: Eevee All-Stars
  • Carrying Case Eevee Collection
  • Plush Deck Case Eevee

As posted before, a “Stellar Sylveon ex” pre-constructed deck is releasing in Japan on August 30th.

As usual, this information is preliminary and subject to change.