Second “Scarlet & Violet” English Set’s Release Date, Upcoming Products for Summer!

Our second Scarlet & Violet set will release on June 9th in the United States and Europe. Previously, we posted it would release on June 30th, but it turns out this date was a placeholder. We’ve now confirmed the correct date with multiple distributors. The set’s name still hasn’t been revealed yet.

Our SV2 set should be comprised of cards from Japan’s Triplet Beat and Clay Burst & Snow Hazard. Triplet Beat releases on March 10th in Japan. Clay Burst & Snow Hazard release on April 14th; they haven’t been revealed yet.

We normally get a May set, so a June release means the set schedule has shifted once again. Our first Scarlet & Violet set was shifted from February to March 31st (presumably because of Crown Zenith‘s special release). Shifting SV2 from May to June 9th allows there to be 2.5 months between the first and second Scarlet & Violet sets. Although speculation, it would then make sense for SV3 to release 2.5 months later at the usual time in August, thus putting us back on track with our normal set schedule (February / May / August / November).

We can also reveal July will see the release of a new “Back to School Pencil Case” and “Back to School Eraser Blister.” They will match the configuration of last year’s products, but of course feature different Pokemon. The pencil case only comes with two booster packs (no pencils or pens). The blister packs come with two packs and a Pokemon eraser.

July will also see the release of a new Collector’s Tin. They usually come with reprinted foil cards, five booster packs, a coin, four sticker sheets, a mini portfolio, a notebook, and a code card.