Lugia V, Unown V, and Deck Merch Revealed from “Paradigm Trigger Mystery Box!”

As posted last month, Japan will see the release of a Paradigm Trigger “Mystery Box.” It will randomly contain one of four promo cards, one of four deck boxes with matching card sleeves, and seven booster packs of Paradigm Trigger.

Japan’s official PTCG YouTube channel has posted an opening of the product, revealing some of the items you can pull.

The back of the product reveals an alternate art Lugia V promo and Lugia deck box / card sleeves:

The box opened in the video contained an alternate art Unown V promo and another set of Lugia merch drawn in an “ancient” style.

Regieleki and Regidrago artwork will be the third option for the deck box and card sleeves:

This means there’s still two promo cards and one set of merchandise to be revealed. Stay tuned!

We translated the cards from Paradigm Trigger last week. The set and its Mystery Box releases in Japan later this week, on October 21st. The Mystery Box will retail for 2,750 yen.