Unique ’25th Anniversary Premium Collection Boxes’ Releasing for the Chinese TCG!

New “25th Anniversary Premium Collection Boxes” have been revealed for Hong Kong and Taiwan!

Two collections featuring Charizard and Umbreon will release on November 11th.

Blastoise and Rayquaza will get their own collections on December 17th.

Venusaur and Gardevoir already received their own collections on October 20th.

Each box retails for 455 yuan, which is around $71.

The left-hand collections above come with a playmat, card sleeves, card box, card frame, five 25th Anniversary Collection booster packs, and two specific “Classic Collections” promo cards. The right-hand collections come with a deck box instead of a playmat and three “Classic Collections” promos instead of two.

Hong Kong and Taiwan also saw the release of three blister packs containing two of six “Classics Collections” promos. They also released on October 20th. Each cost 130 yuan, or about $20.

The remaining promos will be released at select retailers between October and January:

The release of the “Classic Collections” cards are being handled differently around the world. For countries that received Celebrations like the United States, the cards are integrated into our set and can be pulled from our booster packs. In Japan, you get one of them in a separate promo pack when you buy four packs of their 25th Anniversary Collection set at Pokemon Center stores. In Taiwan and Hong Kong, you get a selection of them within these promo products.

Taiwan and Hong Kong have been getting exclusive products in recent years. Prior to 2019, Taiwan and Hong Kong simply imported their products from Japan and the United States. If you played in tournaments, you could only use English cards.

But starting with All Stars Collection in 2019, Pokemon started to translate Japan’s sets into Traditional Chinese. The Chinese sets are always based on Japan’s, so they follow the same card numbers and pack sizes. They’re even printed at the same printing factories as Japan’s products. And now with 25th Anniversary Collection, we’re starting to see more differentiation between Japanese and Chinese products.