‘Pokemon TCG Live’ App Listed: New PTCGO App on the Horizon?

The Fusion Strike product images are out! If you have keen eyes, you may have noticed the products have replaced all references to “Pokemon Trading Card Game Online” with “Pokemon TCG Live.”

This could mean PTCGO is getting renamed to “Pokemon TCG Live,” the app is getting a major upgrade, or TPCi has developed a new app to replace PTCGO. At this point we don’t know.

TCG fans have been clamoring for a major upgrade to PTCGO for some time. The aging client has received nothing more than card updates and critical bug fixes in recent years. Features common to competing online card games like a ranked ladder, custom formats, and sealed tournaments are entirely absent from the game. Even the “Trainer Challenge” designed to help new players learn the game hasn’t been updated since the XY era — some Trainer Challenge decks use cards that have been banned for quite some time! Worse, PTCGO isn’t officially available on smartphones.

The discontent with the current client has caused vocal backlash in the community. Dire Wolf Digital, the developers of the game, have published statements asking people to stop verbally abusing their staff.

If this is an overhaul, it might explain why there hasn’t been much time or resources invested into PTCGO. TPCi may soon be putting the client out to pasture.

We’ll find out what’s happening before November’s Fusion Strike, so stay tuned!