Special Card Frames Releasing in Japan!

Starting July 9th, fans will be able to purchase one of three card frames for 1,200 yen each (about $11). There will be three designs: black, Poke Ball, and Energy types.

Each frame has a metal foot to prop it up. The frames are screwed together to hold the cards securely.

They will only be sold at Pokemon Center stores.




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I think this is a cool idea. That this'll take off when they decide to release it worldwide; I don't see why they wouldn't, or shouldn't.

I know they're showing newer cards from the Sword and Shield era, but there's nothing that saying to me that you couldn't put an older card into the frame and place it on your bedside table or your dresser. Just hope that they'll have more frame designs to pick from to give a lot more choices to the consumer.