ALL “Sky Stream” and “Towering Perfection” Secret Rares!

Japanese fans are beginning to post the secret rares from Sky Stream and Towering Perfection to social media! We translated both sets last week.

Many cards from the two sets will become part of our August set, Evolving Skies. The set will also include cards from Eevee Heroes.

There are 46 secret rares between both sets, down from 50 in Silver Lance and Jet-Black Spirit.

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‘Sky Stream’ Secret Rares

‘Towering Perfection’ Secret Rares


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Also, I gotta say... that Dragonite is just adorable. The Special Arts never miss!

Not to mention, our dragon girl Zinnia's getting a whole lotta love! I'm willing to bet she's going to be the most sought after FA Supporter!


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Very hyped for the Noivern Alternate Art, and since Medicham is Rengeki and got one, I'm assuming Golurk will also get one as the Ichigeki counterpart, which if true I am SO READY. Golurk deserves more love tbh


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hominahominahominahomina dude this RULES I love all of the alt arts so much my wallet is gonna DIE

Diego Lima

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Yeah, these alt arts just keep getting better and better, holy smokes...

Also, Raihan is one of the coolest character designs ever, so cool. That Duraludon alt with him... *chef's kiss*


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I love that Zinnia features in the Rayquaza alt art and Raihan features in the Duraludon alt art. Both alts look so good. Hopefully their special VMAX arts look as good or even better.

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Can someone discuss on what cards are going to omit for Evolving Skies since the English set consists of 6 FAs Supporter, 33 FA Vs, 15 Regular Art Vmax, 18 Vs, 24 Trainers, 1 Special Energy, and 200-210 regular cards?


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Great, looks like Pokebeach is back and in new shape!
Also that Duraludon Alt-Art is so cute, Its awesome


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Comments are back! Yay!

I hope that Rayquaza VMAX special art is depicting it floating above the Sky Pillar, making the huge tower look like a bird perch.

I am also looking forward to the new Copycat full art, the full art from Celestial Storm was lovely.