‘Eevee Heroes’ Booster Pack and VMAX Special Set Revealed!

The Eevee Heroes booster pack and its “VMAX Special Set” have now been revealed! Their product images were apparently sent out by overseas distributors to stores. Update: Booster pack also revealed!

As posted earlier today:

We’ve been given teaser information to share about the upcoming Eevee Heroes set!

The set will feature Umbreon VMAX, Leafeon VMAX, Glaceon VMAX, and Sylveon VMAX. Sylveon VMAX will be Psychic-type.

The set’s bundle product we previously revealed, the “VMAX Special Set – Eevee Heroes,” will feature either Vaporeon VMAX, Jolteon VMAX, Flareon VMAX, or Espeon VMAX as full art promos. Flareon VMAX will be a Single Strike Pokemon, Vaporeon VMAX will be a Rapid Strike Pokemon, and Espeon VMAX will have an Ability. You will get one of the four promos inside a special VMAX booster pack along with three matching reverse holo Energy cards. Each bundle will also include eight Eevee Heroes booster packs. They will cost 1,870 yen.

The set’s gold Pokemon card will be Inteleon from Sword and Shield. Like all gold cards, Inteleon will be shiny.

Each 5-card booster pack will come with a new “Puzzle” card, meaning there will be six cards per booster pack. With these Puzzle cards you can play a standalone puzzle game that utilizes art and effects from the card game. This is to appeal to fans who don’t play the actual TCG.

The booster pack’s artwork will feature all eight Eeveelutions. Umbreon and Sylveon will be most prominent. Eevee will also be on the booster pack, but since it’s not getting a Pokemon V in this set, it’s hidden in the background.

Eevee Heroes will boast a high number of special art cards. (Maybe we’ll get one for each Eeveelution? Oh Arceus…)

As posted before, Eevee Heroes is Japan’s S6a set and releases on May 28th. It will feature all eight Eeveelutions as Pokemon V — Vaporeon V, Jolteon V, Flareon V, Espeon V, Umbreon V, Glaceon V, Leafeon V, and Sylveon V. The set will feature 69 cards before secret rares.

The set will also see the release of a special bundle package named the “Eeveelution Set.” It will come with two booster boxes of Eevee Heroes, a set of 64 card sleeves, a deck box, a card storage box, and the VMAX promo pack. It will retail for 11,330 yen, or around $107.

Right now it’s too early to know how the set will release overseas. For example, it could become part of our November set to celebrate the release of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (as the set features Glaceon VMAX and Leafeon VMAX). We are also getting a special 25th anniversary set later this year that we know nothing about. However, that set may be based on a future Japanese set.

We expect Japan to officially reveal Eevee Heroes next week, so stay tuned!