‘Darkness Ablaze Bonus Pack’ To Release With a Free Booster Pack!

We can now confirm a “Darkness Ablaze Bonus Pack” will release on August 14th for $3.99. It will contain one Darkness Ablaze booster pack and a bonus booster pack of a Sword & Shield series set. This means you’re getting one booster pack for free. A source we spoke to confirmed this as a selling point of the product.

A few weeks ago we revealed that Darkness Ablaze would be the name of our August set. Along with the news, we reported that an unusual “Darkness Ablaze 2-pack blister” would release (the above product):

There will also be a new “Darkness Ablaze 2-Pack Blister.” It will obviously come with two booster packs. For some reason, preliminary listings show it’s a little cheaper than the $3.99 it costs for one of the set mini-albums with a booster pack. But this doesn’t make sense, as the price would be far too cheap for two booster packs. So we’re not sure what’s going on with this product yet.