The Sword Doggo Reigns Supreme – A Look at Standard and Upcoming Qualifiers

Hello everyone! I am back with another article on the Standard format discussing the upcoming PTCGO tournament qualifier and how I am approaching it myself. I was unable to play this past weekend, which ended up working out due to how things unfolded. The Battlefy servers crashed, resulting in the tournament being rescheduled then pushed back a little further in order to provide the organizers more time to prepare. I think these qualifiers are a great thing for the community, which otherwise have no real outlet for competitive play. It is certainly going to be a lot of fun if nothing else. A lot of players seemed pretty excited about it, including myself, and the event had an absolutely massive player pool. The rules provide a nice twist on the tournament structure that everyone has grown used to. Plus, I think the rules will definitely have an impact on the results of the tournament, more on that later!

I will offer a few tricks for performing better in the upcoming qualifiers, more than just the deck I think is best to use. More importantly, I have been playing with the deck that I consider to be the undisputed BDIF, Arceus and Dialga and Palkia-GX / Zacian V. This deck is very strong and the correct choice for upcoming tournaments, but I believe it has made the format a lot less fun to play. Without Zacian V in the format, I could see a lot of decks having competitive potential. The way things shaped up has turned the meta into Arceus and Dialga and Palkia-GX / Zacian V and the short list of decks that stands a chance against it. With that being said, let’s kick off the article with a look at my favorite list for the BDIF.

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