Blastoise & Piplup Playmat for Q2 League Cups, Other League Rewards!

Quarter 2 of the 2019-2020 Pokemon League Cups start this week! Winners of each age division will receive a playmat featuring the Blastoise & Piplup-GX booster pack artwork from Cosmic Eclipse. All competitors will receive a Cherish Ball promo.

The top four winners of Cosmic Eclipse‘s League Challenges will receive a Professor Elm’s Lecture promo card (per age division). The promo will be stamped with 1st place through 4th place.

When you attend your local Pokemon League for the current Cosmic Eclipse season, you can receive stamped Trainer cards of Acro Bike, Escape Board, and Fiery Flint. They will be given out in November, December, and January, respectively.

You can find Pokemon Leagues near you by using’s event locator.

League Challenges are smaller tournaments held monthly at Pokemon Leagues. They are the first level of Pokemon’s premiere events and are intended to get players interested in tournaments. For each age division, they award a stamped promo card to the top four finishers and 15 Championship Points to the winner.

League Cups are also held at Pokemon Leagues, but only once per quarter. They are supposed to be larger than League Challenges. For each age division, they give out a playmat to the winner and 50 Championship Points. All competitors receive a promo card.