‘Cosmic Eclipse’ Theme Deck Lists!

We now have the deck lists for Cosmic Eclipse‘s “Towering Heights” and “Unseen Depths” theme decks. All Cosmic Eclipse products will release on November 1st. Thanks goes to Yoman Y. for the photos.

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  1. Otaku The wise fool?


    I am quite fond of Blazing Volcano, but when it comes to grinding on the PTCGO, Relentless Flame is (or at least, was) better. I just checked: with Blazing Volcano I am currently at 130 wins out of 195 games, which means I've won two out of every three games I've played with it (66.7%, rounding up). The thing is, I don't have my win record pre-Team Up, but what I believe happened is I began losing more often with Blazing Volcano, because of the Relentless Flame matchup. For the record, facing off against Torrential Cannon wasn't that bad.

    Blazing Volcano has one Guzma and one Magcargo. They are incredibly valuable to the deck, but the more you play the more you should encounter games where they just don't show up, or at least not at the right time. Which is an issue versus Relentless Flame because of its nature; just as Blazing Volcano can sometimes mount a good offense via Houndoom or even Blaziken itself, Relentless Flame can punish you with Rapidash or Nidoqueen, not just Charizard. The difference is newer decks seem to be good at keeping their hand sizes up, especially if they see Houndoom coming. For better or worse, Rapidash is about coin flips. XP

    I'd be happy is I could honestly say Blazing Volcano was the best, or still is the best, but I can't. For the record, I'm actually pretty poor with Relentless Flame myself; it is facing it that I've had to admit how good a deck it is!
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