Japan Getting a ‘BW / XY Expanded Box’ in October

The official Japanese PTCG website have revealed that a new “BW / XY Expanded Regulation Box” will release in Japan on October 4th. It will retail for 4,400 yen (about $41).

It will come with 201 powerful cards from the Black & White and XY eras, including Shaymin-EX. The breakdown includes 42x Pokemon cards (21 unique), 47x Trainers (25 unique), 4x Special Energy (2 unique), and 108x basic Energy (12 of each type). It will also include a pack of card sleeves.

The official website markets this product as an easy way to get a bunch of powerful cards in one place. This box releases on the same day as SM12a Tag All Stars, which is itself a “Best of Sun & Moon” set. This means Japan will get a bunch of powerful BW, XY, and SM cards on the same day for players to easily throw into their decks.

Japan and America currently share the same BW-on “Expanded” format and Sun & Moon-on “Standard” format, but the ban lists are different.