Unnamed Galar Box Releasing in November!

An unnamed Pokemon TCG box will release on November 15th to celebrate the Galar region. This is the same day as Sword and Shield‘s release for the Switch. Since the TCG won’t get to its Sword & Shield set until February, this box is meant to hold over fans until then.

The box will come with three foil promo cards, a jumbo card, a pin, four booster packs, and a PTCGO code card. None of the promo cards have been named at this time, nor has the box itself. We’ll probably get a full product description in the next few weeks.

This box will likely be like the Alola Collections, which released on the same day as Sun and Moon and were meant to hold over fans until the first Sun & Moon set the following February. If so, this unnamed box may come with promos of Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble, a jumbo of Zacian V or Zamazenta V (meant to preview their mechanic without being playable), and a pin of the Starters together.