Armored Mewtwo in ‘CoroCoro!’ Ancient Mew Promo Re-Release!

We’ve received our own scans of CoroCoro magazine from a staff member in Japan, showing a clearer view of Armored Mewtwo.

As we already knew, the magazine states Armored Mewtwo will appear in the Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION movie. The armor is created by Team Rocket to help suppress Mewtwo’s strength (like in the original film). Armored Mewtwo will also appear in the manga adaptation of the movie.

CoroCoro has also revealed that the classic Ancient Mew promo card will come with the film’s movie pamphlet! The card appears to be identical to the original version, but has a 2019 copyright date on the bottom to help distinguish it from the original. The original print was released for the Lugia movie in Japan and America. The movie pamphlets can be purchased at theaters when you see the film.

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution will release in Japanese theaters on July 12th. Thanks goes to Bangiras and Franco T. for the translations!

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  1. Luplayz The Master of bad Pokemon


    Im happy to see this card return, but it also would lower the worth of the original card, as this is a reprint.
  2. Lechu v 2017 Gamers Rise Up
    Lechu v 2017


    I PRAY there will be an armored mewtwo card!
  3. Shishigami Aspiring Trainer


    Sorry for not replying sooner. Ash-Greninja is perfect example to main canons intertwining as the crossover potential proves plentiful, Charizardtwo is an actual card. Speculative theories against the clues Pokémon leak towards 'unpredictable' new announcements are usually rendered absurd by it's outcome. It is naively stupid to believe your reasonless agenda at armoured variant pokémon be ridiculous gimmicks crossovering into other medias. Suspecting Weapon/Armour attatchments as a gimmick is same logic you labelled Z-Moves. I'm not implying that you can't not like Z-Moves, however they are not gimmicks in the full spectrum and are extensions to the full platform.

    Once upon a time fans slayed possibility of Charizard evolving as impossible fanfiction. Titles called Sword/Shield imply credible Weapon/Armour items which unsurprisingly, be clear evident generational breakthrough items avoiding stagnancy towards all media outlets, since the competitive side to Pokémon is increasing there public interest. Pokémon strives making for each generational shift to consider all it's outlets do not stagnate with cliches as recent generations have implied that new items play a large role.

    As much as I want this aspect to change through my link below, Pokémon won't care for your feelings when making changes unless it affects them financially. Armor variant Mewtwo would be interesting to see in a VGC format as SunMoonPrism trio as well as everyone demolish all it's forms.