Upcoming League Promos Feature Reprinted Trainers With Alternate Art!

Pokemon Leagues will soon be awarding reprinted Trainer cards with alternate artwork! Each of the cards are “A” alternate art promos, so they’ll retain the same legality as their original prints. Each card will be printed as a reverse holo and will sport a Pokemon League stamp.

If you attend a Pokemon League in February, you’ll receive a Field Blower. In March, it’ll be Enhanced Hammer. In April, it’ll be Max Potion.

If you get top four in a League Challenge this quarter, you’ll earn an Acerola (with a 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, or 4th place stamp in the corner).

If you attend a League Cup this quarter, you’ll be given an Ultra Ball. The winner of each age division will also receive a playmat featuring Team Up‘s Gengar & Mimikyu-GX (artwork below).

In case you’re out of the loop, League Challenges are held monthly at Pokemon Leagues and any tournament organizer can run them. They are the first level of premiere event intended to get players interested in playing Pokemon tournaments. They always give out promo rewards and a small amount of Championship Points to top finishers.

League Cups are also held at Pokemon Leagues, but only happen once each quarter. They are supposed to be larger than League Challenges. They give out promo cards, a larger amount of Championship Points, and a playmat to top finishers in each age division.

All of the Trainers originate from recent Japanese sets, meaning they’ll be removed from our English sets (less clutter!). In Japan, the Trainers also kept the same legality as their original prints — the new prints did not reset their legality. The same holds true for our English cards.

Thanks goes to The Big Box for the images!

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  1. The Binder Guy Aspiring Trainer
    The Binder Guy


    Its SR print from Tag Bolt wasn’t included in Team Up and said print also retains the original’s regulation block, so it’s more than likely going to rotate in September as well.
  2. OppositeAttract Aspiring Trainer


    Oh ok, thought it was getting the reprint. Sucks if it doesn't because Hill makes those decks playable.
  3. decks 101 Aspiring Trainer
    decks 101


    i want a playlet of them all
  4. theprp30 Aspiring Trainer


    Glad to see their giving out these instead of the just reprinting the original version of the card with just a stamp on it.
  5. George Plays 4 Ultra Ball in Every Deck


    I really don't want these cards to rotate, the optimist in me is telling me that Pokémon has something up their sleeve with this, like let them rotate in August, but then reprint them in the November set, or put them in the August set and not say anything until release. I REALLY just don't want to see my favorite trainer card (ultra ball) go...
  6. cardgjammer Aspiring Trainer


    I wonder if fan club is our only trainer post-rotation option in standard to search for non-psychic and non-dragon pokemon outside of pokemon communication and Elm's lecture... What a crawl-fest that this game is headed for if ulp-on is the range of permitted sets in 2019-20...
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
  7. Yoan Sanchhez Aspiring Trainer
    Yoan Sanchhez


    That variant art of those cards looks neat.
    Also, it helps a lot to League to get extra material, which may (not) be present on the current set. Extra value for the Pokémon League assistance.

    That Acerola art looks very cute! Even I want some for myself. For collection purposes.
  8. bandaa Aspiring Trainer


    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019