Zeraora and Shiny Poipole Promos at Gamestop This Fall, Zeraora Download in October?

Thanks to Gamestop employee Jeff S., we now have information about upcoming Pokemon giveaways at Gamestop! The information comes from Gamestop’s internal database.

A shiny Poipole promo will be given out at Gamestop stores from September 17th through October 7th! This is to promote the release of Dragon Majesty products, which feature Naganadel. The promo should be the one pictured to the right, which is a shiny version of the Poipole from Forbidden Light.

A Zeraora promo will also be given out from October 19th through November 9th. It should be this one:

Zeraora – Lightning – HP120
Basic Pokemon

[C] Slash: 20 damage.

[L][L][C] Wild Bolt: 120 damage. This Pokemon does 20 damage to itself.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: Metal (-20)
Retreat: 1

Right now we’re not too sure what the Zeraora promo is meant to promote. One would assume it’s meant to tie into the release of the TCG set Lost Thunder, which hits store shelves on November 2nd. However, the giveaway period is far earlier than the set’s release date. The Power of Us movie featuring Lugia and Zeraora won’t be released in theaters until the very end of November, so the card isn’t directly promoting that either.

This card promotion could be telling us that a Zeraora video game distribution is coming to Gamestop on October 19th. As of now, Gamestop’s internal database does not list that Zeraora download codes will be shipped to stores. However, shipments for Marshadow’s download codes last October did not appear in their database until much later. This was probably to prevent news of the distribution from being spoiled ahead of time.

As with past Gamestop promo giveaways, you can get the promos for every $25 of Pokemon merchandise you purchase.