‘Lost Thunder’ To Be Largest Set in TCG’s History… By Far!

Lost Thunder will be the first set in the TCG’s history to breach the 200 card barrier!

It’ll include over 210 cards — and that’s not even including the multitude of secret rares!

This is following Aquapolis‘s 186 cards, Celestial Storm‘s 183 cards, and Skyridge‘s 182 cards.

The set will feature seven Prism Star cards (three of which are Stadiums), 13 Pokemon-GX, four Ultra Beast cards, and more than 20 Trainer cards.

This information means our English set will be a combination of three Japanese sets — SM7a Thunderclap Spark, SM7b Fairy Rise, and the currently unrevealed SM8 Explosive Impact.


Thus, our set’s GX cards would be…

  • SM7a’s Virizion-GX, Magcargo-GX, Zeraora-GX, and Genesect-GX
  • SM7b’s Sceptile-GX, Sigilyph-GX, Alolan Ninetales-GX, and Mimikyu-GX
  • SM8’s Blacephalon-GX, Tyranitar-GX, Lugia-GX, and two unknown GX cards from that set.

The possible Prism Star cards would be Ditto and Thunder Mountain from SM7a, Xerneas and Life Forest from SM7b, and from SM8 it would be Celebi as well as two unrevealed Prism Star cards – one of which will be a Stadium card.

Lost Thunder‘s Trainer cards would include Electric Power, Custom Catcher, Mix Herb, Counter Gain, Kahili, Sightseer, Judge and Thunder Mountain Prism Star from SM7a. From SM7b, it would be Net Ball, Adventuring Satchel, Spell Tag, Fairy Charm [P], Fairy Charm [F], Fairy Charm [N], Morty, Mina, and Life Forest Prism Star. And then any Trainers from SM8, including a Prism Star Stadium card.

Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon– Lost Thunder

Ancient Power Echoing from the Mountaintops!

Travel to the forested hills, where the fragrance of incense from ancient shrines and the sparks of high-voltage Pokemon fill the air!

The Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder expansion fuses the new with the traditional, featuring Celebi Prism Star and Ditto Prism Star, plus Blacephalon-GX, Lugia-GX, Tyranitar-GX, and the newest Mythical Pokemon, Zeraora-GX! Call down the big thunder and charge up your deck with the high-powered Pokemon in the Sun & Moon- Lost Thunder expansion!

  • Over 210 cards
  • 7 powerful Prism Star cards, including 3 Stadium cards
  • 13 Pokemon-GX and 4 Ultra Beasts
  • More than 20 Trainer cards

Thanks goes to Steffenka for compiling the card lists above!

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  1. Plaquesanta ೭੧(❛〜❛✿)੭೨

    Advanced Member Member

    Maybe they're trying to catch us up with Japan's schedule so cards will be released concurrently.
  2. aschefield101 is behind you !


    That is just quite simply insane, TPCi are smoking something for sure...
  3. MilesEX Aspiring Trainer


    Don't get why people are moaning, this is exciting!!!
  4. ShoeApocolypse Aspiring Trainer


    We better get the FA Sightseer or riot
  5. Cybno Aspiring Trainer


    I think the new GXs could be Sharpedo and Mudsdale since they're the only ride Pokemon without GXs.
  6. Chris Teves Poké Legend
    Chris Teves


    Welp, looks like I quit collecting. :(
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  7. AshCo Enzo is the best character


    Did some quick math to see a ballpark estimate of how many cards a master set would hold and it's going to be at least 418 cards.

    This is guessing that there's only going to be 3 full art supporters and 3 secret rare items from Explosive Impact, which is most likely wrong but I was just basing it off other sets.

    There's also going to be alternate art cards and possibly alternate foils so that would make the master set increase even more so in size.

    It's pretty insane honestly, master sets of something like Aquapolis or even Boundaries Crossed were already crazy enough, so this monster is going to be something else.
  8. Ashblaze Full Art Supporter Hunter


    YAAAAY, someone was sayin no fairy rise is coming in February, and that is was going to be a mini set (that would be dumb ) but I’m happy what I believed was half right, fairy rise IS coming in November but so is SM8 lost thunder as a three Japanese set to one BIG English set, I CANT WAIT FOR THE FULL ART SUPPORTERS, I love my full art supporters, I wonder what supporters will be in lost thunder’s part I hope there beautiful and awesome, this set could have maybe 6-7 full art supporters in English set PLUS IF THEY FINALLY ADD FULL ART LADY OR MASKED ROYAL FOR ENGLISH (which is a pain cause they haven’t for a couple sets already) then the set could have maybe 7 or if lucky then 8( this year will also be the year of the most full art supporters too, having 9 in February, 4 in may, 8 in August, and possibly 6-7-8 for November) can’t wait for this set
  9. DaLoc Aspiring Trainer


    wow, i thought they were going to do another spinoff like dragons majesty
  10. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Couldn't have said it better myself.
    I really don't think this is the case. The only way they can keep these monster sets up is by pushing more and more mini-sets. Celestial Storm is only it's current size because that one mini-set was sizable on its own! Lost Thunder has two of those sets in addition to the base Japanese Explosive Impact! I don't see any reasonable way TPCi could keep pumping out cards like this, and causing English sets to be absurdly large. I think (and hope) this is a side-effect of Japan trying to push our schedule further.
    If they're including SM7a, SM7b, and SM8, it's most likely a no. I'd be shocked if there were another set with the sizes of Celestial Storm or Lost Thunder after this.
    No kidding, this is ridiculous. I thought Celestial Storm was bad enough, but there is no reason for a set so wildly large... especially since the promotional lists don't normally include secret rares, I'm genuinely scared this set could run itself into 230+ with secret rares. An absolute nightmare to the highest degree. I'm not excited.
    I don't think they'd be releasing sets at the same time, but this is probably them trying to keep us from lagging behind. At the rate Japan is pumping out mini-sets they'd have to be using this set as a dumping ground.
    People are upset because this is just a ridiculously expensive set to collect. I empathize with them because I myself don't play the TCG, I only collect.
    That's what I think they should have done. Even though they keep those special sets to a yearly maximum, Japan's Fairy Rise should have been a mini-set to be released in... I don't know, January. Would've been a nice Fairy set to compliment the Dragon Majesty too.
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  11. Zierant Murcielago


    If only our pull rates were as good as Japan’s :( you can basically complete a set, minus secret rates, with one Japanese box.
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  12. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    A Japanese set is also half the size of our sets
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  13. Luplayz The Master of bad Pokemon


    rough for set completers but,WE GET TONS AND TONS OF ULTRA RARES (sorry for my caps.)
  14. CaptZero Aspiring Trainer


    ugh... I hate these bloated sets. Most of the cards are bulk fodder and they haven't made it easier at all to get the cards that you really need or want. Not even talking about the chase GXs, but the supporters and trainers too. They need to increase the rare slots to 2 instead of one.
  15. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    Or they could just stop making 3 versions of every single GX card, but I guess nobody will buy Pokemon cards anymore unless every single set has 50 secret rares, so.....
    Skeleton Liar likes this.
  16. ForeverRanger91 Aspiring Trainer


    You know how expensive some of this is going to be? Luckily I don't need anything out of this set for any potential deck.
  17. John InCENAroar Praising the Vish, Praying for Sableye V
    John InCENAroar


    Why exactly is it the worst? Sure, it's large, which is hell on Collectors, but for the average player it's not the worst thing that could happen, since more cards that could be considered hits may end up meaning more hits. I know that this same effect happened back in Gen 6 with the introduction of BREAK cards, where boxes shot up to a usual 7-9 hits per box instead of the usual 5-6ish. On top of that, most of the sets in the SM Era have a really playable card in them, so they all have a meta staple. Even more dissapointing sets like Forbidden Light or Crimson Invasion have at least one card that is almost a staple in our current meta, making it worth purchasing for more reason than "I guess I have no other choice." Gen 6, on the other hand, did not handle their sets so gracefully. There were some objectively awful sets in the X/Y era (Evolutions/Fates Collide) and the one card that could be considered "the best in the set" was often massacred in terms of usefulness in comparison to other huge meta decks (Night March, Seismitoad EX, Volcanion EX, Greninja BREAK etc.) Going back specifically to Evolutions, that set was a complete and utter disaster from beginning to end, where the best card from it was arguably a common (Rattata, no less). Whereas in Sun and Moon, we have a similar set in Celestial Storm, but at least it wasn't completely spent on rebooting old cards, and it mixed old with new, like Evolutions should have done.
  18. CynderDarkov Aspiring Trainer


    210 cards in one set is pretty meh...but at least we are getting all these sets at once and will probably shake up the game heavily all at once so I'm game.
  19. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    Because it's never been so transparent that all those in charge of the TCG care about is rolling in their piles of money. And while, yes, obviously, that has always been the case and always will be the case, there used to be a far better balance between "making money" and "making collectors spend hundreds if not thousand of dollars to compete a single set because every single chase card (of which there are usually like 15 per set lately) needs to have two if not three or four blinged out variants in the same set."
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  20. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    Well, I was very much looking forward to a lot of the Fairy Rise cards releasing in English--and even some of the Thunderclap Spark cards. I still am, to an extent. But the biggerer the set, the worserer the chances of getting what you want become. At the very least, it is interesting to see a set break the previous records for largest sets.
    THIS. It seems like you get all regular cards, all holos and most of the regular GX's in the Japanese SM booster boxes now (I think 4 or 5). Their secret rare pull rates are asinine, though, since you only get one, and full arts, rainbow rares, and golden cards are all lumped together as secret rares.

    If that was to equate to our 36-pack, 10-cards-per-pack booster boxes, it would be about double that. How does 8 to 10 GX's, at least 2 full arts (or 'better'), and most or all of the holos sound per booster box? Wishful thinking. Booster boxes suck in the SM era, partly due to these giant sets, because it seems Japan can't not pump out 5,000 sets per year now.

    If TPCi doesn't do something with this set like they did with Legendary Treasures or even Shining Legends... Maybe not to the extent where you're pulling a GX in every other pack, like Legendary Treasures. But the thing about that set was that TPCi saw how many holos and ultra rares were in the set and decided to throw their customers a bone with the pull rates (especially since most cards were reprints). That's not the case for this set, but some sort of adjustment would be nice.
    ALSO THIS. Full arts were a neat idea in the first three BW sets; make a few full arts of noteworthy cards. Then EX's came out, and each one of them got a full art, which was pointless, but we got used to it, I guess. And then Sun and Moon rolls around and doubles down on the pointlessness with rainbow rares. 'Kay. So why did I bother trying to collect when it's impossible now? I haven't been very enthusiastic about collecting for about a year...