‘Dragon Majesty,’ Special Set Releasing in America This Fall!

We all knew this was coming! We can exclusively reveal we will be getting another holiday mini-set this year — Dragon Majesty!

Like 2016’s Generations and 2017’s Shining Legends, the set’s booster packs will only release through promo products, such as pin boxes and premium collections. As you can tell by the set name, the cards will originate from Japan’s Dragon Storm mini-set.

The first two English products will release in America and Europe on September 7th — the “Latios or Latias Dragon Majesty Pin Collections.” They’ll come with a never-before-seen foil promo of Latios or Latias, a pin of the featured Pokemon, three Dragon Majesty booster packs, and a PTCGO code card. Both Pokemon will be Dragon-types.

There is no Latios and Latias in Dragon Storm, so they may originate from SM7 Charisma of the Wrecked Sky, which is Japan’s Hoenn-themed set. They may also be upcoming promos in Japan. We know that our August Celesial Storm set will contain over 160 cards, and since SM7 Charisma of the Wrecked Sky has over 96 cards and SM6b Champion Road has over 66 cards, TPCi won’t need to steal too much from SM7 to create our Dragon Majesty set.

As predicted last year, we will probably get a special holiday set every year from now on. TPCi clearly learned from Generations that releasing sets exclusively via promo products is a great way to sell product. And the holidays are of course when sales are always highest. Last year’s Shining Legends started releasing via promo products in October and this year’s set will start releasing in September.

More Dragon Majesty products will obviously be announced in the coming months and I’ll of course post them here when we receive the info! Here’s a few highlights from Japan’s Dragon Storm set that we’ll get in our Dragon Majesty set:


As an aside, the TCG still hasn’t given us any clues about when the Pokemon Switch game will release. However, as I explained in this news story, we know from the Legendary Pokemon video game distributions this year that Japan’s next TCG set will probably feature Unova.

As a double aside, if the Switch game is releasing in 2018, there’s still plenty of time for the Pokemon machine to start advertising it. If the Switch game is coming during the holidays, Pokemon will undoubtedly announce the game this month or next month.