‘Forbidden Light’ Partial Set List Revealed!

A Forbidden Light poster is currently on display at Japan’s TCG tournaments, revealing the set’s first 47 cards (out of 94). It cuts off before revealing the rest of the set’s Fighting-types, Fairy-types, Dragon-types, Colorless-types, and Trainers.

We know Cubone is #41/94, and it’s the 41st card on the poster, so this poster does in fact show all of the set’s cards leading up to #47 Hawlucha. This means the Chespin line is not in the set! :o They’re probably saving it for SM6a Dragon Storm so people feel their collections are incomplete and buy that set (marketing!).

Of note is Scatterbug, Delphox, Frogadier, Greninja-GX, Volcanion Prism Star, Honedge, and Dragalgae have Abilities, Volcanion Prism Star is a Water-type, and Pheromosa appears as a regular Ultra Beast. The set is of course mostly comprised of Kalos Pokemon with some Alola Pokemon mixed in.

Grass-types: #1 Exeggcute, #2 Alolan Exeggutor, #3 Scatterbug, #4 Scatterbug, #5 Spwepa, #6 Vivillon, #7 Skiddo, #8 Gogoat, #9 Pheromosa

Fire-types: #10 Alolan Marowak, #11 Fennekin, #12 Fennekin, #13 Braixen, #14 Delphox, #15 Litleo, #16 Pyroar

Water-types: #17 Froakie, #18 Froakie, #19 Frogadier, #20 Greninja-GX, #21 Clauncher, #22 Clawitzer, #23 Amaura, #24 Aurorus, #25 Bergmite, #26 Avalugg, #27 Volcanion Prism Star

Lightning-types: #28 Helioptile, #29 Heliolisk

Psychic-types: #30 Espurr, #31 Meowstic, #32 Honedge, #33 Honedge, #34 Doublade, #35 Aegislash, #36 Inkay, #37 Malamar, #38 Skrelp, #39 Dragalgae, #40 Hoopa

Fighting-types: #41 Cubone, #42 Pancham, #43 Binacle, #44 Barbaracle, #45 Tyrunt, #46 Tyrantrum, #47 Hawlucha

Beyond the poster (from previous reveals): #50 Zygarde-GX, #51 Diancie Prism Star, #?? Pangoro, #62 Dedenne, #?? Sylveon, #69 Ultra Necrozma-GX, #?? Noibat, #?? Noivern, #77 Fossil Excavation Map, #?? Eneporter, #83 Mystery Treasure, #90 Bonnie, #92 Lysandre Labs, #?? Lysandre Prism Star

So we now know what 61 of the set’s 94 cards are (excluding secret rares).

The photo of the poster is too small to make out any card text. The poster might be too small in real life to read anything as well. However, I’m currently requesting a larger image of the poster, so be sure to check back here in case we’re able to read the cards!

SM6 Forbidden Light will release in Japan on March 2nd and in America on May 4th.

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  1. SmiteKnight Destroying half the universe one snap at a time


    I mean, it makes money, and Greninja is the favorite
  2. Gameguard Aspiring Trainer


    Im pretty sure ultrabeast at 8 includes gx n non gx.
    And 6 gx dont includ ultra Beast
  3. Kapu Riki Spilling the T, sipping the Tapu Cocoa
    Kapu Riki


    With a lack of Chespin line, there is a good chance they are gonna screw over my boy, Xerneas-GX!! #FairyLyfe
  4. cellabi Turn your trusty frying pan into a drying pan.


    Great for Gardevoir GX, and but in other circumstances, Enhanced hammer is a bit better to just get rid of it completely.
  5. Rindon Aspiring Trainer


    Very interesting and cool item. I think a must in many deck builds especially with the importance of special energy in most decks.

    Just curious is it possible to move a strong energy to any Pokemon other than fighting type? (Since strong energy states it can only be attached to a fighting type).
  6. Kyrushi Squirrel


    Oh please let us have a good Meowstic card for once
  7. MilesEX Aspiring Trainer


    I'm sooo eager to know what ability and moveset Greninja GX has! And Volcanion is water too!
  8. cardgjammer Aspiring Trainer


    In a similar fashion to trying to attach an energy to a Safeguard Suicune w/ a Turbo Drive from M Manectric-EX, a Turbo Energize from Victini-EX, etc., the answer is yes: Strong Energy can be moved to a non-Fighting-type pokemon on the other side, and, since SE cannot be attached to non-Fighters, to the discard as a result of the move to an incompatible target...

    EDIT: Can't wait to see if they wish to give Greninja BREAK an upgrade to ensure that Giant Water Shuriken will stick around past its BREAK counterpart's rotation after this P!P season is over and the last remnants of the XY era, BKT-EVO, see its time in Standard come to an end...
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  9. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

    Webmaster News Head Activities Head Elite Member Advanced Member Member

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  10. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    Sylveon is actually pretty good 4/5
  11. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

    Forum Mod Chat Room Staff Member

    OMG that Eevee is KAWAII. Another Eevee though lol, like we really need another one of those.

    Sylveon looks pretty nice too.
  12. xTITAN Training Aspirer


    Very cool card, will definitely see play in Gardevoir.
  13. AFEX Serena is too cute!


    Potential Lele replacement in Garde for budget players?
  14. Sparkeagle Aspiring Trainer


    Gladion rulings please
  15. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

    Webmaster News Head Activities Head Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    It would fail, you can't use Gladion because part of the card's effect isn't possible. You can't take your opponent's Gladion and put it into your Prizes. Plus: "If you didn't play this Gladion from your hand, it does nothing."
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  16. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid


    Specifically because of this text on Gladion: "If you didn’t play this Gladion from your hand, it does nothing."

    EDIT: Actually, I kinda wonder about how it'd work on Archie's/Maxie's. There isn't an apparent wording conflict.
  17. Memory 不安のない挑戦はない


    Can’t you still discard it for no effec though?
  18. TSA123 e


    Sylveon looks like a pretty good 1-of in Quad Sylveon.
  19. Tapu Lele Responsibile for an Economic Recession
    Tapu Lele

    Forum Mod Member

    *Winks Gladion*
  20. AFEX Serena is too cute!