New, Slimmer ‘Blastoise-EX Tin’ at Walfart!

A new, slimmer “Blastoise-EX Tin” is now available at Walfart with a new print of Blastoise-EX from XY on the Sun & Moon “wavey” holofoil paper. This makes the card a unique print for collectors. The tin face reuses the one from 2014’s Blastoise-EX Tin, but with updated colors.


The tin comes with four booster packs (Ancient Origins, Steam Siege, Guardians Rising, Burning Shadows) and a PTCGO code, all for $19.99.

Singular tins are almost never released, so there is possibly another tin or two that have been released alongside Blastoise’s. Our source for these photos, Alex W., only spotted the Blastoise. It’s possible the tins have been released by TPCi to promote Blastoise and Aegislash being new playable characters in Pokken Tournament DX, as announced earlier today. So Aegislash-EX might also be out there? Or maybe Venusaur-EX and Charizard-EX?

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