Toys R Us Giveaway Next Saturday, Jangmo-o Promo and Other Goodies!

Toys R Us will be holding yet another Pokemon giveaway next Saturday, November 11th, from 1 to 3 PM!

Those who attend will receive a holo Jangmo-o from Crimson Invasion with a special Toys R Us stamp, a Crimson Invasion mini collector’s album, and a buildable Mega Construx Poke Ball! (I guess it’s like Legos, or something?)

Additionally, the first 50 attendees will receive a Togedemaru figurine!

The promotion will take place in the United States and Canada. However, Canada won’t get the Poke Ball.

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  1. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    They do it based on set and card #. Think of it as a fishing lure to buy the next booster pack. You can actually find the same card, with the same attacks on it, like the Toy's R Us. Of course the actual does not have Toy's R Us logo on it.
  2. LIONN5500 Gen 4>>>>>


    But why, no one wanted this...
  3. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    If you are a Pokemon fan like me, you would be up for anything. Well that and.....the city I currently reside in is boring as heck.

    I have been so committed that the only two cards I have missed TO DATE are the Pikachu and Magikarp cards.
  4. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    So I ended up going to this event, this afternoon, and there was little to no attempt to get everyone's crap together to get the line moving. Since this was the case, I ended up getting the pieces to the Pokeball construct; however, I am not even sure if I even was able to get the "included" pieces. Rather than have it as a mess of pieces, would someone mind posting a schematic of how this Pokeball is suppose to be built? Thanks in advance!
  5. Raven Zombie Dark/Ghost Trainer
    Raven Zombie


    Lord, i never wanted to hurt so many people because of pokemon in one day... or at all... keep in mind, i have gone to every one of these events for years...
    so i get there a little early, so im not late for the togedemaru figure. but there is well over 50-100 people already in line... so i expected i wouldnt get one...
    the guy behind me said they started passing the out at NOON, but they re did the line because originally didnt hand out the Pokeballs... so im thinking the figures are gone already... i wait in line for over an hour... i get to the front, and they still have figures... the lady says 'you cant have one, these are only for kids', Im like 'ok, when did this change? Ive came to every one of these, and its supposed to be for all ages'. shes like 'thats how it has always been' i grabbed a card anyway, and left. In hindsite, i believe the 'build it events' (pokeball) are age limited, but she was thinking the Togedemaru was part of that, and not the Crimson invasion part...

    next, I go to Game Stop, where they are supposed to be doing the 'Spend 25 bucks, and get the pikachu movie promos' (it started on the 8th) they said they had them in a box, but they werent going to dig them out... im like 'i want to spend over $100, so you are seriously turning down business?' he said 'the best i can do is get them out at the end of the day' im like 'im from out of town, this is the only time im here' so i try a second gamestop... they said, that they werent doing it till the 13th... and a 3rd store also said the 13th... yet says its been on since the 8th.
  6. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    For the Pokemon event, there is a really easy way around the "you cannot have one, these are only for kids." You tell them that you parent a kid or you have a sibling that you are standing in line for. You probably are not feeling as bad as I am feeling right now because I ended up going to the event and because everyone in line was grabbing the pokeball pieces, I grabbed one too many of the red flat legos that goes to it. This means there is going to be one kid who cannot build the pokeball due to a missing lego piece. I feel so awful. What ended up happening was that I had mistaken the red flat pieces as a regular sized lego...:/. I am going to hell! I accept it!

    Now, you are probably better than most kids your age or even parents for that matter. The ones that get their kid one, which is fine; however, they then start making up stuff like "Can I get another one for my son's friends' sister's cousin's nephew." That could limit any figures or giveaways and if it is not regulated properly, you could be the 50th person and not get anything! In my case, I was probably in the 40s. OMG!!! I was able to get everything thankfully. I even received another snufful card! I still feel bad that I never went to the first ever giveaway, the one where they gave out Magikarp and Pikachu cards along with the 1st 150 Pokemon poster.
  7. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    To get them to do what you want, this is all about speaking with the manager. You need to be more assertive! Yes, this pawn was not going to dig out the merchandise; however, the manager would have wanted your business. The guy probably gets paid like $7.25/hr. and so really, someone who spends $25 vs. $100 is not going to do squat for him. lol

    Gone are the days when people go above and beyond; however, I do not really blame them. They get paid the lowest because the employer does not give a crap about them. Any extra labor is like.."I need to be paid $1/hr. more got dang it!"