Tickets for 20th Movie Now Available, Ash’s Pikachu Downloads + Promo Card!

Tickets for the 20th Pokemon movie can now be preordered at Fathom Events. The film will play in select theaters in the United States on Sunday and Monday, November 5th and 6th. There will also be screenings in other countries.

Those who attend screenings of the film will receive a QR code to download Ash’s Pikachu into their Sun and Moon games wearing Ash’s hat from the movie. Attendees will also receive an Ash’s Pikachu promo card (SM108) wearing the same hat. has also announced that starting September 19th, fans will be able to download one of six Ash’s Pikachu into their Sun and Moon games — but only one. They will provide everyone with a serial code, but the code can only be used once. Depending on when you enter that code into your games determines which Ash’s Pikachu you will receive:

  • 9/19/17 – 9/25/17: Original hat (Kanto and Johto regions)
  • 9/26/17 – 10/2/17: Hoenn region hat
  • 10/3/17 – 10/9/17: Sinnoh region hat
  • 10/10/17 – 10/16/17: Unova region hat
  • 10/17/17 – 10/23/17: Kalos region hat
  • 10/24/17 – 10/30/17: Alola region hat

Furthermore, Pokemon released the first dubbed trailer of the 20th movie. You can hear a piece of the original English TV show opening at the end.

Unfortunately, the film’s original soundtrack will be replaced with dub music — TPCi’s composer, Ed Goldfarb, has confirmed on Twitter he will be composing the music for the English version of the film. Most of the original soundtrack’s music was remixed versions of music you heard from the TV show 20 years ago (see below), so unfortunately the film will lose a lot of its nostalgia. I also think Goldfarb is a lousy composer (or TPCi doesn’t give him enough time to compose), but that’s just my opinion. It’s unfortunate TPCi decided to skimp on the music once again.

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  1. BeebubZ yum... Just won a free booster box <3


    They dont show pokemon movies in the UK...
  2. TheAipomArchives Beyond Champion of the Elite Four


    are you kidding? already 108 promos? Dang
  3. I'd assume Pikachu had Thunder, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack and Agility. Charizard had Flamethrower, and possibly Submission, Seismic Toss, Slash or the impossible Tackle. Butterfree had Gust, Stun Spore,Sleep Powder, and I think Poison Powder according to the original anime.