Eelektrik from ‘Burning Shadows’ Accidentally Packaged Early in Product!

Thanks to Mike W., we now have a photo of Eelektrik from Burning Shadows! He pulled the card early in one of the Ho-Oh and Lugia Legendary Battle Decks. Burning Shadows is our August set and is based on Japan’s upcoming SM3 sets.

This is not the first time a packaging error of this nature has occurred, and definitely not the first time I’m reporting one. TPCi prints tens of thousands of cards and products all the time, so packaging errors are bound to occur.

Eelektrik reveals that there will be 147 cards in the set, excluding secret rares. The first information we posted about Burning Shadows revealed that there would be over 140 cards in the set, which is how we know Eelektrik is from the set. Naturally, Tynamo and Eelektross will be in the set as well.

The set symbol resembles Necrozma.