XY Promos M Sharpedo-EX and M Camerupt-EX Revealed in Full!

As expected, M Camerupt-EX and M Sharpedo-EX and their Spirit Link cards will be labeled as XY promos! M Camerupt-EX is XY198, Camerupt Spirit Link is XY199, M Sharpedo-EX is a whopping XY200, and Sharpedo Spirit Link is XY201!

The four cards originate from Japan’s The Best of XY set releasing next month.

As posted before, both the Mega Sharpedo-EX / Mega Camerupt-EX Collections will be released in America and Europe on April 7th for $39.99.

Each collection will feature its foil promo Mega Evolution, a jumbo version, a Spirit Link promo, a collector’s pin, a coin, a reprinted Sharpedo-EX or Camerupt-EX from Primal Clash, six booster packs, and a PTCGO code card.