More Ultra Beast Info and Screenshots for ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’!

UPDATE: The official Pokemon YouTube channel has now posted an English language trailer! The trailer reveals that UB-02 Expansion is known as UB-02 Absorption in English. Watch the trailer below!

The Ultra Beasts are invading Alola! New updates to the Japanese Pokemon Sun and Moon site have revealed more information about these terrifying creatures, as well as some in game screenshots, building on the information that was already revealed in the CoroCoro leaks earlier this week. Much thanks go out to Sean T. and Bangiras for the translations! UPDATE: The information below has been replaced with new, English information revealed on the official Pokemon site.

During your adventure in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, the Ultra Beasts appear—and attack the Alola region! UB-01 was recently revealed, and now there are two more: UB-02 Absorption and UB-02 Beauty. Their numbers and purposes are not known, but it does look like there may be additional Ultra Beasts beyond UB-01 and UB-02.

UB-02 Absorption

Ub 02 ExpansionThe Ultra Beast known as UB-02 Absorption appears in Pokemon Sun, and the extent of its strength is unknown. Its entire body is covered with bulging, powerful muscles. The full force of a punch powered by these muscles would be off the charts! Its distinctively long mouth is said to be harder than diamonds. Could the Ultra Beast also use it to attack?

UB-02 Absorption is confirmed to be exclusive to Pokemon Sun. You can see it fighting Tapu Koko in the screenshots below.

Ub Screen 1 Ub Screen 2 Ub Screen 3

UB-02 Beauty

Ub 02 BeautyThe Ultra Beast with the codename UB-02 Beauty appears in Pokemon Moon. What kind of power does it possess? Its narrow, graceful legs allow it to accelerate with such explosive speed that people claim it can dodge lightning! It is said that any Pokemon that sees UB-02 Beauty, regardless of its own gender, will become infatuated with it and lose the will to battle. The exact reason for this reaction—whether it’s an unidentified pheromone exuded by UB-02 Beauty or a hypnotic effect induced by its appearance—has not been determined.

UB-02 Beauty is confirmed to be exclusive to Pokemon Moon. Like its counterpart, you can see it fighting Tapu Koko below.

Ub Screen 4 Ub Screen 5 Ub Screen 6

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