Cutiefly, Charjabug, Vikavolt, Drampa, Togedemaru, Bruxish, and Tapu Koko Revealed!

An anonymous source appears to have leaked videos of seven new Sun and Moon Pokemon – Cutiefly, Charjabug, Vikavolt, Drampa, Togedemaru, Bruxish, and Tapu Koko. The leaks have spread all over the Internet now, so we can no longer ignore them.

The videos depict fully animated Pokemon with attack animations that look completely real. It’s unknown where the videos originate from, but all of them begin with Russian video game ratings, so it’s possible the person who leaked them works with Pokemon or Nintendo’s Russian division. The person may have also been able to download the videos from an official source that uploaded them early.

It’s possible these Pokemon will be revealed on July 1st, as that’s when the next wave of Sun and Moon information is coming.

Update: Official Trailer!

The official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel has now posted an official trailer, confirming the leaks are real.


Appears to be a Bug-type Pokemon. Possibly based on a fly or a bee? Or a bee fly?

Update: It’s Bug / Fairy. It uses Fairy Wind.

CutieflyCutiefly Cutiefly 2 Cutiefly 3


Appears to be a Bug and Electric-type Pokemon. Likely the next evolution of Grubbin, which is a Bug-type Pokemon that loves electricity — it’s possibly the middle “cocoon” stage of this generation. It charges at Popplio with a physical Electric-type attack. Its name seems to imply that it charges at a Pokemon physically (as with the attack) and that it’s also “charged” like a battery. It may evolve into the next Pokemon.

Update: Confirmed Bug / Electric. Confirmed to evolve into Vikavolt, as thought. The attack it uses below is Spark.

CharjabugCharjabug Charjabug 2 Charjabug 3 Charjabug 4 Charjabug 5 Charjabug 6


This appears to be a Bug-type, though its name implies it’s also an Electric-type. It may be Charjabug’s evolution and the final evolution of Grubbin due to the electric theme. It floats in the air with its wings.

Update: Confirmed Bug / Electric. It uses Thunder Wave.

VikavoltVikavolt Vikavolt 3 Vikavolt 2 Vikavolt 4


Likely a Dragon-type. Reminds all of us of something, doesn’t it? What’s that one ’80s movie?

Update: It’s Normal / Dragon. It has a new Ability called Frenzy, which raises its Special Attack. It uses Dragon Breath.

DrampaDrampaDrampa 2Drampa 4Drampa 5


Obviously Electric. This appears to be the Pikachu clone of Generation VII, as with Pichu, Plusle and Minun, Pachirisu, Emolga, and Dedenne. Like those Pokemon, it keeps its Japanese name, which further seems to support my theory. It can stick out those triangle shapes on its body like spikes, as you can see in the fifth screenshot.

Update: It’s Electric / Steel. Its Ability is Lightning Rod. It uses Discharge.

TogedemaruTogedemaru Togedemaru 2 Togedemaru 3 Togedemaru 4 Togedemaru 5 Togedemaru 6 Togedemaru 7 Togedemaru 8 Togedemaru 9


It’s a fish, so it’s likely a Water-type. It uses Psywave, which means it may also be Psychic (plus it’s purple). So Water / Psychic? Its Ability is revealed in the video as “Dazzling,” which stops Pikachu from using Quick Attack. Perhaps it stops priority moves?

Update: It’s Water / Psychic. When the purple fin thing on its head opens up, it resembles a flower. In the video it was also seen stopping Fake Out, so its Ability does seem to stop priority moves.

 Bruxish Bruxish Bruxish 2 Bruxish 3 Bruxish 4 Bruxish 5 Bruxish 6 Bruxish 7 Bruxish 8 Bruxish 9Bruxish 10

Tapu Koko

Not sure what type this one is – maybe Psychic? It floats in the air, and it crushes Litten with some kind of magical-looking attack. This Pokemon’s name was specifically mentioned in the E3 gameplay for the games – it’s apparently the guardian Pokemon of Alola’s first island. Could it be a Legendary Pokemon? It’s also notable in that it has a space in its name, which very few Pokemon do.

Update: It’s Electric / Fairy. The new move it uses in the screenshots below and in the official video is called “Nature’s Wrath.” Its Ability is “Elekimaker,” which turns the field into Electric Terrain.

Tapu KokoTapu Koko Tapu Koko 2 Tapu Koko 3 Tapu Koko 4 Tapu Koko 5 Tapu Koko 6 Tapu Koko 7 Tapu Koko 8 Tapu Koko 9 Tapu Koko 10 Tapu Koko 11 Tapu Koko 12

What do you think of all these new Pokemon? Let us know below!

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  1. leafy Aspiring Trainer


    Drampa could be Dunsparces evolution, also Vikavolt is amazing!!
  2. Mitja veteran smartass


    I thought of that as well due to its primary Normal type, and it would be really epic and mindblowing and late (and most importantly confirming that cross-gen-evos are still a thing lol..)...but after Carnivine, Emolga, Alomomola and all the other regional-counterparts that people expect to be related but never are... this case seems even less likely ^^"
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  3. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    I like Tapu Koko, but a few of the others are just downright horrible. Drampa looks like he's from Neverending Story, Bruxish just looks kinda stupid. It's probably like Alolamola without any evolutions, and Togedemaru looks kinda dumb, I'm not a huge fan of these Pokemon, sorry. My only question is will there be 3 other Pokemon like Tapu Koko? And one more thing why is it a Litten facing Tapu Koko? Do we face it early in the game?
  4. professorlight Ice Queen


    It's impressive; 17 new pokemon, and the overwhelming majority of them range between "... mmmmkay, whatever you say" and "oh, god, did sugimori have a stroke?".

    I dearly hope pikipek and cutiefly evolve into something good; at least vikavolt isn't bad at all; that face is a little too inexpressive for my taste, but I can't argue with a sharp-lined railgun-beetle; I had been hoping for a beetle that actually looks like a beetle for ages.
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  5. chella182 Aspiring Trainer


    Okay, now the official artwork has been added I love Drampa even more :D and Vikavolt looks even more menacing! This has made me 10x more excited for these games.
  6. Maserati777 Aspiring Trainer


    Design wise Tapu Koko and the first 2 revealed, the koala and the other are so far the only ones i like. These look rushed and not very creative.
  7. garbodorable Aspiring Trainer


    I'm coming around on Bruxish, with its sharp teeth + lips and weird psychic head bulb. It's clearly supposed to be creepy looking, and they succeeded. My only issue is how fish still just levitate above dry terrain in battle. The more they flesh out the battle environments in Pokemon, the weirder that looks.

    I'm intrigued by how Tapu Koko appears to be controlled by Hala when you encounter it. If it is indeed a legendary, that would be a big departure from the usual formula of "go to X location, meet legendary in the wild". In fact NPCs never control legendaries, except for N, off the top of my head. Hopefully that hints at S/M having a more involved story like B/W did.

    Charjabug is definitely my favorite of these. It's like a subway car caterpillar, where its eyes are windows and its mouth is a door. Its cry even sounds like it goes "beep beep!"

    Here's to hoping the rate of reveals so far means there's well over 100 new pokemon in this game! Odd-numbered gens have always introduced a lot more pokemon.
    Gen 3: 134
    Gen 5: 155
    Gen 7: 170???
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  8. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    Charjabug is to me, the epitome of lazy design. They needed a cocoon to complete the line (assuming it evolves from grubbin) so they just slapped a box into the game and called it a day.

    Vikavolt is pretty cool, and actually looks like a beetle (*looks at Heracross*). I'd be adding it to my team if I didn't have to use the awful Charjabug to get it.

    Bruxish creeps me out. It looks sort of like a reef triggerfish that you'd find in a kids' colouring book. The ability is neat as it stops Talonflame unless it runs U-Turn, but outside of that I don't see a reason to use it.

    Togedemaru, I originally didn't like it, but it's grown on me. It's like Pachirisu x Pufferfish, but I wasn't expecting it to be half Steel. I probably won't use it because you can catch Pichu in the early game, it seems, and Pichu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everyone else, though.

    Tapu Koko is kind of strange. when I first saw it I thought it was Mega Aegislash. But now that I know it's its own thing, I like it. As someone has probably mentioned, when it goes together it looks like the head of a Totem Pole. Maybe you combine them into a Totem pole?

    Drampa is great. When I first saw it, I had a tiny screenshot that cut out all the body so I thought it was Dragonair x Benjamin franklin, but now it looks like a Dunsparce evolution. I like it. Normal/Dragon is strange though, but I dig it.

    Cutiefly is my favourite of the bunch. It's so adorable!!!!! Bug/Fairy is also a unique combination, which is great.
  9. pokemon64 Semi-Ace Trainer


    If Charjabug is NOT an evolution for Grubbin then I think Grubbin would be a Larvesta pre-evoluion, Drump looks like a dunsparce evolution too
  10. Turtleatlaw Aspiring Trainer


    Always so exciting to see new Pokemon. I'm especially excited by Tapu Koko, Drampa, and Vikavolt. I feel like each of them will bring something new to the competitive battling scene.

    Bruxish also definitely brings something new with the anti-priority move. I'm more excited about the implications of that ability, than about Bruxish itself - cause it just looks weird. Hopefully other Pokemon also have that ability.

    Cutiefly is, well, cute. But does it evolve?

    And, Togedemaru is the obligatory electric rodent that will (probably) have no impact on the metagame. I would point out though, usually the electric rodent of the generation has some tie to the gimmick or new mechanic of a generation (e.g. baby Pokemon, double battle, fairy type). I wonder if Togedemaru provides us with any clues about what we should expect from gen 7 mechanics wise.
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  11. Materious17 Pokemon Geologist


    You say lazily slapped on a box and called it a day, I say they ingeniously turned Charjabug into a car battery that evolves into jumper cables (Vikavolt). Nothing lazy about creatively taking a bug cocoon concept and merged it with an electrical theme of a battery seamlessly.
  12. fleshrum April in Kalos...

    Advanced Member Member

    I called the terrain weather setters!!!???:0

    Edit: I will be furious if the island guardians become voltron
  13. TrainerLoganPoke Aspiring Trainer


    And this right here is why you don't say "unoriginal" or "lazy" when it comes to pokemon designs. There is always someone who can show that they don't apply.
    In my opinion all of these designs are fairly good with the exception of the pikaclone which looks to much like dedenne
  14. G-Panthera Panthera's Fiercest Fighter


    It likely doesn't have Aura Break as its ability, because if so, it would have seen activating in the trailer by default. They are keeping the ability hidden for now, for some reason. If its Aura Break though, that is really going to suck big time.

    As for the Transformation feature of Zygarde and from what we have seen now, I speculate it works in the following manner:

    Zygarde 10% Forme ---> Zygarde 50% Forme (when HP is at yellow) *yet to be proven*
    Zygarde 10% Forme ---> Zygarde Complete Forme (when HP is at red) *Confirmed*
    Zygarde 50% Forme ---> Zygarde Complete Forme (when HP is at red) *Confirmed*

    This would technically make sense as both Zygarde 10% and 50% Forme both have Swarm Change as their ability now. If so, I expect people to use Zygarde 50% Forme mostly with Defense/Offense oriented focus so it has a better chance to go into Complete Forme.
  15. Zygarde Z-Dawg


    This, so much this. I hope we don't get completely spoiled like last time around, and that this gen's Dex update is huge. Man, the better these Pokémon designs get, the more I debate wheter I should stop getting spoiled until release so I can discover them by myself.

    And no, Game Freak, Megas don't count as new Pokémon, stop pretending they do.
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  16. Genius715 Aspiring Trainer


    I wonder if Togedemaru is the Pokemon that Yungoos was brought to stop... It would be interesting if that was the case.
  17. HA559 Aspiring Trainer


    Charjabug looks like a micro/mini bus pokemon.

    I'm still waiting for a Gorilla, Dolphin, Musk Oxen/Yak and Kingfisher pokemon. Where are you?

    Hopefully some of them turn up in gen 8.
  18. Crimzonlogic I'm Batwoman.


    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
  19. Coolpilot Bisharps don't know 'bout my Togekiss

    Advanced Member Member

    Cutiefly is absolutely adorable - I hope it has some usable (and cute) evolutions.

    Vikavolt looks to be another usable bug type, given the levels shown in the video & the amount of damage it does with a Sp Attack move to the high HP & Sp Defense Milotic (thank Arceus - we really need more bug types that are good late-game). It certainly has a very cool design to it, too, and I like the creativity of making it look both like real beetles & like things related to electricity.

    I really like Drampa's design, and it's type is kind of interesting (not that changes much compared to a plain Dragon type - one new weakness to Fighting & one new immunity to Ghost), but I hope it has evolutions or pre-evolutions. I just think that an evolution line of some sort would best fit the design - but then again, I think the same way about Druddigon too, and they failed me there. :p

    Togedemaru is cute, but looks too much like Dedenne, doesn't hold a candle to the Magnezone line if it can't evolve (which it probably won't given the trend with these Pichu-lites), and has way too long & complicated of a name. Cute, but a lot of problems IMO.

    The design of Bruxish is awesome in that Game Freak did an amazing job in making it look absolutely horrendously ugly. Seriously, it's the ugliest Pokemon I can think of (the other "ugly fish" - Feebas, Basculin, & Relicanth namely - I really like the looks of). It's so awful looking that I actually love the design. Round of applause, GF - you deserve it. Still won't use the thing, ability or not, without a nicer looking evolution, though. ;)

    Tapu Koko... is omgsoamazing. I love how it hides its body within a "mask" - reminds me a lot of native masks here in the Pacific Northwest that looked like the head of an animal, but opened up to reveal a human face (like the mask believed to be the inspiration for the Seattle Seahawks logo). It's an awesome idea, and I love how they utilized it. And the design! The colors!! The type!!! The ability!!!! So much to love. My new favorite (non-Rowlet - love me my owls) Gen VII Pokemon so far. <3
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  20. Pipotchi Aspiring Trainer


    i absolutely love charjabug. what an awesomely simple design, harks back to gen 1 simplicity while totally retaining the new 3d pokemon feel. This is a mon that just wouldnt be able to be created in past gens!

    in general i am loving almost every design that has come out of sun and moon so far. awesome!