Cutiefly, Charjabug, Vikavolt, Drampa, Togedemaru, Bruxish, and Tapu Koko Revealed!

An anonymous source appears to have leaked videos of seven new Sun and Moon Pokemon – Cutiefly, Charjabug, Vikavolt, Drampa, Togedemaru, Bruxish, and Tapu Koko. The leaks have spread all over the Internet now, so we can no longer ignore them.

The videos depict fully animated Pokemon with attack animations that look completely real. It’s unknown where the videos originate from, but all of them begin with Russian video game ratings, so it’s possible the person who leaked them works with Pokemon or Nintendo’s Russian division. The person may have also been able to download the videos from an official source that uploaded them early.

It’s possible these Pokemon will be revealed on July 1st, as that’s when the next wave of Sun and Moon information is coming.

Update: Official Trailer!

The official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel has now posted an official trailer, confirming the leaks are real.


Appears to be a Bug-type Pokemon. Possibly based on a fly or a bee? Or a bee fly?

Update: It’s Bug / Fairy. It uses Fairy Wind.

CutieflyCutiefly Cutiefly 2 Cutiefly 3


Appears to be a Bug and Electric-type Pokemon. Likely the next evolution of Grubbin, which is a Bug-type Pokemon that loves electricity — it’s possibly the middle “cocoon” stage of this generation. It charges at Popplio with a physical Electric-type attack. Its name seems to imply that it charges at a Pokemon physically (as with the attack) and that it’s also “charged” like a battery. It may evolve into the next Pokemon.

Update: Confirmed Bug / Electric. Confirmed to evolve into Vikavolt, as thought. The attack it uses below is Spark.

CharjabugCharjabug Charjabug 2 Charjabug 3 Charjabug 4 Charjabug 5 Charjabug 6


This appears to be a Bug-type, though its name implies it’s also an Electric-type. It may be Charjabug’s evolution and the final evolution of Grubbin due to the electric theme. It floats in the air with its wings.

Update: Confirmed Bug / Electric. It uses Thunder Wave.

VikavoltVikavolt Vikavolt 3 Vikavolt 2 Vikavolt 4


Likely a Dragon-type. Reminds all of us of something, doesn’t it? What’s that one ’80s movie?

Update: It’s Normal / Dragon. It has a new Ability called Frenzy, which raises its Special Attack. It uses Dragon Breath.

DrampaDrampaDrampa 2Drampa 4Drampa 5


Obviously Electric. This appears to be the Pikachu clone of Generation VII, as with Pichu, Plusle and Minun, Pachirisu, Emolga, and Dedenne. Like those Pokemon, it keeps its Japanese name, which further seems to support my theory. It can stick out those triangle shapes on its body like spikes, as you can see in the fifth screenshot.

Update: It’s Electric / Steel. Its Ability is Lightning Rod. It uses Discharge.

TogedemaruTogedemaru Togedemaru 2 Togedemaru 3 Togedemaru 4 Togedemaru 5 Togedemaru 6 Togedemaru 7 Togedemaru 8 Togedemaru 9


It’s a fish, so it’s likely a Water-type. It uses Psywave, which means it may also be Psychic (plus it’s purple). So Water / Psychic? Its Ability is revealed in the video as “Dazzling,” which stops Pikachu from using Quick Attack. Perhaps it stops priority moves?

Update: It’s Water / Psychic. When the purple fin thing on its head opens up, it resembles a flower. In the video it was also seen stopping Fake Out, so its Ability does seem to stop priority moves.

 Bruxish Bruxish Bruxish 2 Bruxish 3 Bruxish 4 Bruxish 5 Bruxish 6 Bruxish 7 Bruxish 8 Bruxish 9Bruxish 10

Tapu Koko

Not sure what type this one is – maybe Psychic? It floats in the air, and it crushes Litten with some kind of magical-looking attack. This Pokemon’s name was specifically mentioned in the E3 gameplay for the games – it’s apparently the guardian Pokemon of Alola’s first island. Could it be a Legendary Pokemon? It’s also notable in that it has a space in its name, which very few Pokemon do.

Update: It’s Electric / Fairy. The new move it uses in the screenshots below and in the official video is called “Nature’s Wrath.” Its Ability is “Elekimaker,” which turns the field into Electric Terrain.

Tapu KokoTapu Koko Tapu Koko 2 Tapu Koko 3 Tapu Koko 4 Tapu Koko 5 Tapu Koko 6 Tapu Koko 7 Tapu Koko 8 Tapu Koko 9 Tapu Koko 10 Tapu Koko 11 Tapu Koko 12

What do you think of all these new Pokemon? Let us know below!

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  1. King Xerneas Icy Goth
    King Xerneas


    The hedgehog pika clone is by far my favorite pika clone ever (and clearly surpasses that rubbish Pikachu), but following the trend of pika clones it will most likely be a stand-alone Pokemon which kinda sucks. I'm a little bit disappointed with Grubbin's evolutions, but they're still pretty cool for the regional bug.
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  2. Gruffling Aspiring Trainer


    Accept the situation but give it a sassy remark or glare on occasion.
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  3. Ami Dark Professor/Leader of the Destiny Tower League
    Ami Dark


    ZOMG! First Drampa I get is getting named Falcor. No IFs ANDS or BUTTS!!
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  4. MegaButterfree Old Timer


    I wonder if Bruxish will come in lots of different color combinations similar Vivillon but less regional and more random like Spinda...
  5. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    I knew making this gen based on Hawaii wouldn't be a good thing (for me)...
    I don't like the exotic look of most of these designs...

    Strangely enough, those two (Cutiefly and Togedemaru) were the only ones I liked. This guy summed up my opinion:

    Tapu Koko looks decent to me but doesn't look vary fairy-ish imo... I would have preferred Electric/Fighting.
    Other than that, I'm disappointed with Grubbin's evolutions mostly because I liked its color scheme a lot and they changed it. Plus, Charjabug looks lame due to looking like a battery and Vikavolt is not as cool as I expected, again likely because of that blue, if they kept the brown and orange from Grubbin, it could look better...
    As for the other two, Bruxish (horrible name) and Drampa (not much better name as it reminds me of a portuguese word that means "crap"), Bruxish is fugly, looks like a fish version of Jynx and as I said above, don't like the exotic look, while Drampa wins the prize for most ridiculous Dragon ever, maybe tied with Goomy... It only looks good when its "hair" goes up when attacking, resembling the horns of an asian dragon... Still, too derpy.
    Other than Tapu Koko, I like these Pokémon's typings though.

    Overall, Gen 7 is being a mixed bag for me so far.

    Nice that they confirmed Zygarde 50% can also transform...
    As for the ability, if what I predict is correct, they have probably changed Zygarde 50%'s ability to Swarm Change (so it can also transform) and gave Aura Break to Complete Zygarde.
    I'm just bummed that in this video they also showed Zygarde transforming when its HP got in the red... I was hoping Zygarde could transform at least after losing half of its HP...
  6. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    So many Electric types in this batch, I knew Charjabug, Vikavolt, and Togedemaru were, but Tapu Koko too? They're really giving Electric some love this gen. I do like some of these other type combinations too, we got Normal/Dragon and Bug/Fairy which are new, and we haven't had Electric/Steel in a while.

    I am a little curious about why they chose to reveal an official trailer for them now when we have new news tomorrow though. If this was what was supposed to be revealed tomorrow you'd think they stay the course and wait to officially reveal them.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
  7. Ami Dark Professor/Leader of the Destiny Tower League
    Ami Dark


    Many of these will have to grow on me as I play through. I think i'll just PC the Trump Pokemon though, lol. But i'll grow to like them once I play the game with them.
  8. Xx_SalamanderMan_xX Of Chin-Chin Descent


    Im really happy with the amount of dual type Pokemon! It seems like they are trying to stray away from boring designs. Also Drampa is the #1 Bob Marley Dragon.
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  9. SkyeVictini Seriously, calm down.


    Charjabug and Vikavolt have to be Grubbin's evolutions. They just have to.

    Cutiefly and Togedemaru are just too freakin precious. I wonder if Cutiefly is smaller than Flabebe; it looks pretty tiny! And it's Bug/Fairy!

    And the Falcor Pokemon is Normal/Dragon - interesting combo!

    And this probably isn't the case, but I was hoping Bruxish was based on the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a fish. It's face is terrifying but it makes up for it for being so colorful!

    Tapu Koko looks really cool. Obviously based on some Hawaiian spirit.
  10. BJisaPokemon Aspiring Trainer


    I think i figured out how to get zygarde 100%. I think it will be like darmaniten and it's zen mode so when zygarde it low on health, it turns into zygarde 100%.
  11. Turquoise Greenish-Blue Trainer (?)


    Maybe it's because of the leaks? Than again, it won't explain why they only release the Japanese version of it.
  12. Chrono Ragin' Cajun


    I really dig all of these except for Bruxish, which is ugly and hopefully has a more appealing evolution. Tapu Koko and the Pika clone have especially awesome designs.
  13. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    Since it looks glaringly female; I think Bruxish could operate like Frillish, having a blue, masculine counterpart that you can encounter.
  14. Materious17 Pokemon Geologist


    These new Pokemon are absolutely amazing! I am hoping that Charjabug and Vikavolt are evolutions for Grubbin like many, but I am concerned on the Grubbin to Charjabug evolution, Charjabug seems to be about the same size and with a different color scheme, it just seems out of place. Grubbin was confirmed to have 2 evolutions thanks to the Pokedex screen we have seen for it and the Bug/Electric typing all fits Grubbin's text blurb but I'm not sold 100% on if it is really an evolution. Charjabug and Vikavolt seem like their own bug set and Grubbin evolves into 2 other bugs that may be Bug/Electric or Bug/Ground.

    If Grubbin does in fact evolve into Charjabug and Vikavolt, it will certainly be a must have on my team regardless, I absolutely love the designs and the bright tropical beetle colors remind me most about why I like beetles in real life.

    Cutiefly and Togedemaru are absolutely adorable and Togedemaru is easily my favorite "Pike-clone" with the best typing too. Bug/Fairy is great and I hope Cutiefly continues to evolve into a even more fluffier and cuddly bug. So many bugs are pretty serious looking and having an adorable one outside of the butterflies and Joltik.

    Drampa is a fantastic design, I'm excited to see more dragons not being super ferocious and edgy. My favorite dragons Dragonite, Goodra and Altaria all attest to the fact that dragons don't have to be monstrous to be cool or majestic.

    Now, everyone hates on Bruxish, but I love the design. Its ferocious, mysterious, and a perfect representation of a deep sea monster, yet elements of tropical islands with the flower antennae and bright purple and yellow designs.

    And finally, Tapu Koko. I love it, plain and simple. The way it can fold its arm plates to resemble a totem or a tiki statue and its typing (while not unique due to Dedenne) is still incredibly cool and While Dedenne couldn't really take advantage of its Fairy typing with no Dazzling Gleam or Moon Blast, I feel that Tapu Koko's new move (signature?) Nature's Wrath will be the hard hitting Fairy type move that this typing needs to be a real competitive contender. Not to mention the coloration, theme and typing all suggest that the other 3 Guardian Pokemon of the Alola Islands will be all similar, but very unique in their own way. Similar in sense that Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus were, but hopefully more distinct to not just be accused of being palette swaps (even though we all know better than to call them that, or at least some of us know considering the hate they still receive 6 years later).

    I am so excited for Sun/Moon and these new Pokemon continue to exceed my expectations. I have heard countless people over the day claim to high heavens how these don't look like Pokemon or how most fakemon look leagues better and while taste is a matter of opinion, Pokemon has always been really eccentric and while there are no central themes such as organic vs mechanical or real-world vs fantasy as even in Gen I we have many examples of artificial, organic, real-world, and fantasy themes that people can cherry-pick around to claim how the new Pokemon aren't Pokemon at all but the fact is, these are all Pokemon. Pokemon has always been a very inclusive, loosely defined, set of creatures based on house-hold objects, animals, existential concepts that all have their charms and unique aspects that is the reason for why Pokemon is so beloved and why we keep coming back year after year for the new releases and to see the new Pokemon designs and plan our new adventure.
  15. Lalo Aspiring Trainer


    Tapu Koko is the guardian of the island you start in, right? I think we're seeing so many Electric-types because they're from Tapu Koko's island, and the other islands probably have a lot of Pokémon that share the Guardian's type.
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  16. Momaster12 The Temporal Destroyer


    Are the bird Pokemon that Tapu Koko hits in the beginning cutscene Spearows? At first glance they looked like new Pokemon but I could be mistaken.
  17. Giratinous Cube six menacing points
    Giratinous Cube


    Maru is the one that means round (or circle)! "Toge" means spike, and "de-" is shortened from "denki", or electricity. There is probably a pun in the middle of the name that I'm missing, but Togedemaru pretty much translates to "spiky electric ball".
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  18. GlaceonFanatic Snow King


    Wow I'm really loving these designs. Especially Drampa! It just looks really nice idk. Hopefully everyone warms up to them within time. The cocoon bug and its evolution are really creative and nice too. It seems to be a battery evolving to like jumper cables.
  19. Chrono Ragin' Cajun


    There's no doubt in my mind that Charjabug evolves from Grubbin. They each have two horns protruding from their respective heads, two circles on their sides, and an identical jagged, vertical line that runs through the middle of their faces (Vikavolt has this as well). Also, their horns are the same color.
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  20. Mitja veteran smartass


    Oh wow, that's a bit much.
    I really wanted them to slow down with reveals, but seems like they're speeding up instead. Let's hope this means there is like 150 new Pokémon? I didn't like how we have basically ALL new Pokémon revealed up to XY-release, combined with the low number in general leaving everyone with a reaction of "wait, that's all?", when we expected there to be about half of the new Pokemon still unrevealed...

    But alright, no going back, they don't care about spoiling all of them in favor of abusing them for marketing purposes... I used to think that the only CORRECT way to be introduced to a new Pokémon design (except for starters), was to encounter it in it's intended context, whether it's its wild encounter environment, or some fitting trainer/gym-leader to show it off etc. And most importantly, on an individual basis, one at a time (it always saddens me when a huge batch of new Pokémon are leaked, and people just scroll through them in a minute and "judge" them as a whole group rather than actually looking at their designs noticing all the interesting details and possible basis etc...), but they've completely shattered this philosophical stance of mine in gen6 and don't seem to intend to turn back ):
    I don't know, do they really need to maximize profit so bad or what's changed?

    Aaaaanyhow, excuse my little rant, let's get ot the new reveals.

    I expected a less mobile design for the "cocoon" stage, but it's weird enough and would even work as a primary Electric type with how it looks like you could put a lot of them together in a line lol. creepy teeth ftw

    Whoa. That is "cooler" than what I thought it would be. The colour combo is perfect, love it. But inb4 Dustox stats v_v
    Also, this adds yet another (to the already huuuuge list of) clearly airborne Pokémon that isn't Flying type... cmon Gamefreak, it's time to separate "being airborne" from the Flying type already (I know it sounds contradictory, but it's the most elegant solution.).
    1. Make Flying merely resist Ground
    2. add an "airborne" mechanic. Every Pokémon species is now either airborne or grounded.
    3. instead of "airborne" Pokémon being immune to "Ground type"-moves, add a category of "ground-based" moves, which airborne grants immunity to.
    Now all the airborne Pokémon, regardless of their type, are still immune to moves like Earthquake, but also Surf and Spikes, while NOT being immune to a Mud Shot or Bonemerang for example.

    I keep saying we need more casual or generic Dragons (since most of them so far are either a-Legendary, b-pseudolegend or c-as secondary slapped onto something exotic.), but this is so casual that it's even a Normal type XDDDDDDDDD
    Alright. Kinda hope it has a lower stage, but it'll probably be a Druddigon recycle in terms of total base stats.. we need a simple Dragon with 2 stages (Altaria doesn't count, it doesn't even start out as one..). Hmm, it's actually Normal/Dragon in that order, I'm curious if there is any special reason behind this, but then again, I'm still confused by Noibat..

    Awww... please evolve...and while they're at it, can we get a Pachirisu/Emolga/Dedenne trio of evolutions as well? ^^" meh, waiting for Mega Raichu is already too unrealistic.
    And yay for Electrc+Steel being used again. One of those combos I anticipate every gen (like Grass+Poison, Water+Ground etc...), yet we haven't had any since Magnemite, although pikaclone isn't the first thing I'd want to use for resurrecting that combo.

    I'm all for aquatic Pokemon, there isn't many, and barely any of them are good enough to be common in competitive (well Gyarados/Milotic). Fish are kind of like the Bug types of Pokemon, weak and repetitive, despite there being so many interesting creatures in the oceans.
    Still waiting for a fish that actually evolves twice (that doesn't turn into a Dragon in the end coughKingdracough while leaving it's proper fish counterpart behind), but this seems more like "a funny design" based pokemon rather than for a role. When I say that there is a lot of weird stuff in the ocean to base Pokémon-designs on....this is not what I mean! Just kidding.
    Another long forgotten type combo here ;D

    Bug freaking Fairy. That was quick XD
    Enough said. I have a feeling its evolution is what's going to become its selling point akin to Galvantula.

    Before I go to the, in my opinion highlight of this reveal, Tapu Koku (is its name actually 2 parts?), I want to mention one more thing.
    Most of the new Pokémon we've seen so far, seem to be exotic and cool type combinations.. and sure, they get everyone excited, but I feel like there needs to be a certain balance between simple Pokemon and exotic type combos, there is no need to overdo this. Gen6 IMO did overdo it (I mean cmon, everything besides what, Skiddo?, was some fancy dual type, from starters, over rodent, to all the Dragons and Fire types etc.. oh right, the pseudo-legendary was pure Dragon, but that might be because that was actually not done before, so it's the same mindset), but it's already a very odd generation anyway, as it had to focus on establishing Fairy and with having a lower amount of Pokémon, as well as having its region filled with old Pokemon in all their common roles, it did really make sense to focus on exotic all the way with the rest of the new Pokémon. So far it looks like Electric-galore (gen6 had a generous amount of Fire types in that sense) as well as Fairy-combos (which are welcome with the type still being fresh...but hey, Fairy already started more diverse and established than some types we've had for a long time, so no rush there..)... but I'm overreacting. It would look more balanced if they'd have revealed the simple yet refreshing pure Rock-type doggie with this group.

    -Tapu Koku
    I have a plethora of predictions that popped into my head the moment I saw this one.
    First of all, it's pretty much given that this is a legendary. Secondly, it's really obvious that this is one of many, I mean, a legendary tri.... quartet.
    Because it's the guardian of the island the adventure starts on, which is literally named after the hawaiian word for yellow (melemele). It's a safe guess that the other 3 islands are named after colours as well (either matching the real world counterparts of which Hawaiian islands each biggest part of an island of the region is shaped after, giving us: orange, pink, purple. Or going for a simple and gen1-nostalgic choice of: green, red, blue. OR something completely arbitrary to fit some designs), which would logically have their own guardians.
    Now.. Tapu Koku has an ability that activates the extremely unused Electric Terrain. One of 3 terrain-effects introduced in XY.

    The obvious speculation here would be, that two of the other guardians have a variation of Tapu Kokus ability, triggering Grassy Terrain and Misty Terrain instead.
    -Yellow: Electric/Fairy
    -Green: Grass/Fairy
    -Pink: Fairy (which is extremely reminiscent of Tornadus having "Flying" as its "elemental" or core type, as well as the legendary group being secondary Flying, resulting in Tornadus being a pure Flying type. So I can totally see this happening here)

    Side-note: all the Lake-guardian/Kami-trio haters better not start another hate-train once these guardians turn out to have the same base-design, while crying for 10 more eeveelutions at the same time, geeez.

    Ummm where was I..

    If it really is a quartet, we're missing one more...which means one of 3 things:
    1. the fourth legendary is out of the trios league, akin to beasts->Ho-oh, or less drastic golems->Regigigas. Perhaps Lunala/Solgaleo fill the role as guardian of the fourth island depending on the version, but I'd bet on the fourth guardian being something else tailored to the group.
    2. Weather-inducing abilities are legit choices, which potentially gives us more hypothetical pokemon
    -Blue (Drizzle): Water/Fairy
    -Red (Drought): Fire/Fairy
    -White (Hail): Ice/Fairy
    -Orange or Brown (Sandstorm): Ground/Fairy or Rock/Fairy
    3. new Terrain-effect varieties! Or at least one.

    Oh, also, notice how Tapu Koku can close itself to a totem-form? What other Pokémon does something like that? Magearna.
    There is a fifth "artificial" island in Alola. So it has an artificial fifth guardian, being Steel/Fairy.
    Fits? : D

    I wouldn't be surprised if the new ability simply takes the hidden-ability slot, making the new formes exclusive to a Zygarde obtained in SM, while our good old Zygardes from XY are stuck with stupid Aura Break ~__~
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016