Alternate-Colored Magearna Revealed!

Poke Ball Colored MagearnaMagearna

CoroCoro Ichiban magazine has revealed a different color scheme for Magearna which more closely matches the coloring of a Poke Ball. Thanks goes to Hannes S. for the translation!

Magearna looked different 500 years ago! You are getting this confidential material exclusively in this magazine!

When Magearna was serving the Azoth Kingdom 500 years ago, it seems it had these gorgeous colors and patterns.

Isn’t it surprising it has such a different form from how it appears now? Come witness how amazing it looks in theaters!

What this will mean for the games, if anything, remains to be seen. Is this a special form? A shiny Magearna? Magearna before its paint faded away? Something just exclusive to the movie? Who knows! It’ll probably be more than just a movie-exclusive form since the coloring is helping to define its origins and present-day appearance. In the movie Magearna was created in Azoth Kingdom 500 years ago, and “Project AZOTH” is mentioned in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, so this form will probably be mentioned in the games.

Magearna looking like Diancie, its Poke Ball imagery, its Soul Heart, its ties to “AZOTH,” it being man-made, a bad guy who’s abusing Mega Evolution chasing it in the movie — there’s a lot of mystery going on with this Pokemon! Magearna will undoubtedly be a major part of Pokemon Sun and Moon — and it’ll probably have a connection to the game’s larger mysteries.