‘Mega Mawile-EX Premium Collection’ Photos!

The “Mega Mawile-EX Premium Collection” will be released in stores on May 2nd, but it’s already appearing on some shelves early.

It comes with holo promos Mawile-EX (XY103), M Mawile-EX (XY104), Mawile Spirit Link (XY105), and a jumbo version of M Mawile-EX.

It also comes with a Mega Mawile collector’s pin, a Mega Mawile coin, six booster packs, and a PTCGO code card.

The whole package costs $39.99. If you only want certain items, you can purchase them individually from the secondary market:

Mega Mawile EX Premium Collection Mawile EX Promo M Mawile EX Promo Mawile Spirit Link Promo Mega Mawile Pin Mega Mawile Coin
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