More English ‘Ancient Origins’ Cards Revealed!

Sceptile EX Ancient OriginsVirizion Ancient OriginsEntei Bandit RingEntei Bandit Ring 15Volcarona Ancient OriginsGyarados Ancient OriginsGyarados Ancient OriginsMachamp EX Ancient OriginsMetagross Ancient OriginsRalts Ancient OriginsGardevoir Ancient OriginsPorygon Z Ancient OriginsAce Trainer Ancient OriginsEco Arm Ancient OriginsEnergy Recycler Ancient OriginsFaded Town Ancient OriginsHex Maniac Ancient OriginsLucky Helmet Ancient OriginsLysandre Ancient OriginsPaint Roller Ancient OriginsSceptile Spirit Link Ancient OriginsFlash Energy Ancient OriginsKyurem EX Bandit RingM Tyranitar EX Ancient Origins

Here we go again! Like Primal Clash, Pokemon fans are somehow managing to purchase Ancient Origins cards early. Previously, both Entei and Kyurem-EX were leaked by a seller on eBay, and now more people are coming forward with photos of the cards on social media. We still don’t know how fans are managing to get the packs so far ahead of the set’s release date, but they could be leaking through retail stores, as was the case last time with Primal Clash‘s mini-binders.

Thanks goes to Austin U. and zoiks66 for sending us the photos above! If more people have somehow bought the cards, we’ll probably continue to see photos over the coming days both here and on social media.

To see the Japanese set’s scans and translations, check out this news story.