Use the Deck List Program to Fill Out Your Regionals Deck Lists

Grrr I missed out on SoCal’s Regionals because of this stupid new site. :p

Deck List ProgramThe deck list program has been completely updated since I launched the new site and you can use it to fill out your deck lists for this weekend’s Regionals. With this program you save both yourself and the tournament time by printing out your deck list ahead of time.

Before week three of Regionals I will also update it with Roaring Skies since the set will be legal then. Right now, the Standard format is legal through Primal Clash and Double Crisis. You can see a full list of Standard-legal cards here.

In the future the program can be accessed under the TCG menu’s resources section (along with the Expanded version). Never before has it been so easy to access all of PokeBeach’s content from one menu (if I don’t say so myself :p).

Don’t forget to subscribe to the article program if you want to read weekly articles from the game’s top players and get one-on-one deck help and advice! /mandatory promotion